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Officers & Appointees

Zee Gilman

Peggy Sorrells

Recording Secretary
Karen Hebert

Don Huntley

Mahshid Irvani

Cathy Shepherd

Media Librarian
Bill Bridges

Book/Merchandise Sales
Bob White
Deb Herberger

Program Committee
Deborah Huntley
Cathy Shepherd

Jennifer Hayes

Don Huntley
Deborah Huntley

Peggy Sorrells

Front Desk
Peggy Sorrells

Don Huntley


The Atlanta Jung Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing fellowship and education for people interested in the body of thought derived from the work of C.G. Jung. As such, we co-ordinate monthly presentations and quarterly workshops by both local and nationally known speakers; publish an exemplary newsletter; maintain an extensive print and media library; and also provide a wide selection of books for sale. All of this is done for a minimal annual membership fee and relies heavily on the generous support of time from our volunteer board and staff.

The Benefits of Belonging

Nourishes the soul x
Newsletter x
Announcements of all lectures & workshops x
Library x
Free regular lectures (8 total) x
Discount on premium lectures x
Discount on workshops x

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Regular Program Fees
(8 regular programs per year)

  • Members: free
  • Students: $10
  • Visitors: $20

Annual Membership Dues Schedule (January - December)

  • Couples: $100
  • Individuals: $60
  • Students: $40
  • Newsletter/Library: $25

Advisory Board

John Beebe, M.D.
Jungian Analyst
San Francisco, CA

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Jungian Analyst
Mill Valley, CA

Jutta von Buchholtz PhD
Jungian Analyst
Birmingham, AL

Honora Foah
Multimedia Aartist and Artistic Director
Atlanta, GA

John Gentile, Ph.D.
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA

James Hollis, Ph.D.
Jungian Analyst
Washington, DC

Sharon Martin
Jungian Analyst
Charleston, SC

Catherine Meeks Ph.D.
Retired professor &
Wellness activist
Riverdale, GA

Maureen Murdock
Carpinteria, CA

Lloyd Nick
Artist and Director (retired) Oglethorpe University Museum of Art
Atlanta, GA

Jerry Ruhl, Ph.D.
Houston, TX

Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Carpinteria, CA

Stuart Smith, LPC
Link Counseling Center
Atlanta, GA