Jung Concepts and Definitions


Definitions and descriptions of some of the fundamental concepts found in Analytical Psychology as developed by C. G. Jung -A 20 page pdf download on concepts like persona, ego, and the unconscious.

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Monika Wikman Refining the Inner Bullshit Detector


LECTURE: We will look into the mythic patterns of Hermes, hubris and humor that reveal various ways for us humans to get along with the god of insight whose light shines along our paths of individuation. The psyche’s inexhaustible sense of humor about the shit we are in lightens the load, literally—what we suffer, “carry from below,” can become riddled with light via the humor Hermes inspires when we are agile enough to take in new perspectives about our predicaments we face daily. These predicaments psychologically involve our one-sidedness, our unknown shadow sides, our lack of development, our blind and deaf [...]

Monika Wikman Refining the Inner Bullshit Detector2021-09-23T00:52:50-04:00

Ann Ulanov Aliveness/Deadness/Regeneration


WORKSHOP:  To feel alive and not dead is as basic as our need for food, air, and water. Fear of this lies at the root of illness. In this workshop, we will explore the unconscious ways we make parts of ourselves dead and what spaces offer themselves for regeneration. : Ann Belford Ulanov, M.Div., Ph.D. L.H.D,  is the Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychiatry and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, a psychoanalyst in private practice, and a supervising analyst and faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute, New York City. She is the recipient of honorary doctorates from Virginia Theological School [...]

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Ann Ulanov Aliveness/Deadness


LECTURE: In the opening years of our new century and under the shadow of terrorist attacks on American soil, these following questions have become urgent: What makes for our sense of aliveness and feeling real? What puts us in touch with our own voice? What confers a sense of finding and creating a path that is true for us? What kills it, making us feel deadness? The focus of this lecture will examine the space of aliveness, which is created between persons, between analysand and analyst, between ego and animus/a, in worship between ritual and repetition compulsion, and in imagination between [...]

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Richard Tarnas Synchronicity


WORKSHOP: Jung’s concept of synchronicity represents one of the most strenuous efforts of the twentieth century to construct a bridge across the chasm between spirit and matter, self and world, psyche and cosmos. Synchronistic phenomena have had a unique impact in the intellectual world, having been cited by physicists as posing a major challenge to the philosophical foundations of modern science, as well as by religious scholars as holding deep implications for the contemporary psychology of religion. In this day-long seminar, Richard Tarnas summarizes the origin and history of the concept in Jung’s work, discuss the experiential dimension of synchronistic events, [...]

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Richard Tarnas Our Moment in History


LECTURE: We seem to be living at the end of an era. Old structures are cracking, the moment of creative chaos is upon us, and the drama of our age has become a great question: What new principles and structures will emerge to shape our future? So much is at stake. We are facing a threshold of fundamental collective transformation that bears a striking resemblance to what takes place on the individual level in initiatory rites of passage, in near-death experiences, in spiritual crises, and in critical stages of what Jung called the individuation process. Join Richard Tarnas as he draws [...]

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Murray Stein The Reality of the Soul


LECTURE: People have had experiences of the soul's transcendence since time immemorial. Yet we continue to wonder...What do these experiences prove? Do they offer a genuine vision of reality, or are they only products of human imagination? Are they rooted in human desire, in the wish for immortality, in projection? There are certain special moments in life, call them "openings to transcendence," when we confront a symbol and see reality as the unconscious, according to Jung, regards it all the time. In this lecture, Murray Stein invites the audience to reflect on such experiences of transcendence. These experiences can open us [...]

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Murray Stein Four Pillars of a Jungian Approach to Psychotherapy


WORKSHOP: Murray Stein presents in this seminar the bare bones of the Jungian approach to psychotherapy. The four pillars, to be described and elucidated in the seminar, are: 1. Assessment and evaluation of the state of the psyche in the individuation process; 2. Understanding and using transference and countertransference dynamics in psychotherapy; 3. Interpreting dreams in psychotherapy; 4. Transforming psychic structure through active imagination. Each of these key elements will be described theoretically and illustrated using clinical case material and examples from practice. : Murray Stein, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst in practice in the Chicago area. He is a training [...]

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Sharon Martin Feminine Authority: Empowerment Through Animus Development


LECTURE: Drawing on the work of Jung, von Franz, Carotenuto, Young-Eisendrath, Harding and life experience, Martin discusses the re-discovery of feminine authority via relationship with the animus as center of inner psychic equilibrium. She explores the negative masculine as the key to transformation as he makes himself known through dream images, neuroses and stories. Finally, she describes the emergence of the positive masculine as source of power and bridge to wholeness. : Sharon Martin was born and grew up in the Deep South, where she developed an acute interest and sensitivity to the relationship between culture and gender. She received both [...]

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Jerry Ruhl The Pursuit of Happiness


LECTURE: What makes us happy? For the ancient Greeks, happiness was a gift of the gods. With the coming of Christianity it became a promise of the world to come. Today, we often think of happiness as a natural right, even an entitlement. We tend to look for something or someone on the outside to make us happy. This program will examine happiness from the perspectives of depth psychology, Buddhism, positive psychology, and recent neuro-affective research. Dr. Ruhl will suggest that unhappiness is rooted in anxiety which accompanies the sense of being an isolated ego (separate from others and nature as [...]

Jerry Ruhl The Pursuit of Happiness2021-09-23T00:56:41-04:00

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