LECTURE: In the opening years of our new century and under the shadow of terrorist attacks on American soil, these following questions have become urgent: What makes for our sense of aliveness and feeling real? What puts us in touch with our own voice? What confers a sense of finding and creating a path that is true for us? What kills it, making us feel deadness? The focus of this lecture will examine the space of aliveness, which is created between persons, between analysand and analyst, between ego and animus/a, in worship between ritual and repetition compulsion, and in imagination between the factual and the symbolic.: Ann Belford Ulanov, M.Div., Ph.D. L.H.D, is the Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychiatry and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, a psychoanalyst in private practice, and a supervising analyst and faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute, New York City. She is the recipient of honorary doctorates from Virginia Theological School and from Loyola Graduate Department in Pastoral Counseling. She is the author of The Feminine in Christian Theology and in Jungian Psychology; Receiving Woman: Studies in the Psychology and Theology of the Feminine; Picturing God; The Wisdom of the Psyche; The Female Ancestors of Christ; The Wizards’ Gate; Religion and the Spiritual in Carl Jung; and Finding Space: Winnecott, God, and Psychic Reality.