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James Hollis Creating a Life – Lecture


LECTURE: Can we create our lives, or does life create us? How is it that we are free but choose such repetitive, self-defeating patterns? How does fate collide with destiny and catch us in between? What are the sources of those replications, and what the insights we need to maximize such freedom as we may have? These are the questions which haunt the modern who, wishing freedom, creates repetitions, yet longs for an authentic journey.: James Hollis, Ph.D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst, author of nine books, most recently Creating a Life and On This Journey We Call Our Life, and [...]

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James Hollis Hauntings


LECTURE: Our ancestors believed in ghosts, and perhaps they were not far off the mark as so much of daily life is driven by invisible psychic forces, archaic agendas, and imperious admonitions and prohibitions, all the more powerful because they operate unconsciously. What are the features of such “hauntings,” and how might we gain some further foothold on a more conscious conduct of life? The lecture will explore the concept of personal hauntings. The role of the unconscious in the conduct of daily life will be examined. The significance of “complex” theory as a useful tool for self-examination and psychotherapy will [...]

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James Hollis Dark Selves: Why Good People Do Bad Things


LECTURE: One of the richest of Jung's contributions to our understanding of psyche is the idea of the Shadow, those parts of our own being which are threatening to our ego, and which so often act independently of our wills. The Shadow is not evil, as such, though it may bring great harm to self and others, and it may also bring healing energies to bear. Shadow work is not only an invitation to further integration of our split off components but brings our greatest contribution to our families and our society.: James Hollis, Ph.D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst and [...]

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