Jean Bolen Transforming Ourselves and the World


LECTURE:  The archetype of the sacred circle, feminism, Jungian psychology, and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Field Theory come together in Jean Shinoda Bolen's visionary and practical work on women's circles and their transformative potential. Drawing on the story of  "The Hundredth Monkey," which inspired anti-nuclear activists, "the millionth circle" depends upon a simple hypothesis: when a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will also, and a post-patriarchal era will begin. In this talk, she describes the Grail Legend as a planetary story and discusses the parallels between the analytical container and the qualities that make the [...]

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Jean Bolen We are Spiritual Beings on a Human Path


WORKSHOP: Myths of descent into the underworld illuminate the nature of the spiritual journey. The disasters and unexpected epiphanies of everyday life can bring us to what we know at a soul level, or yearning to be authentic. Jung's emphasis on individuation and Joseph Campbell's challenge to us to find our personal myth depends on making choices that ring deeply true for us. In her perennial classics Goddesses in Everywoman and Gods in Everyman and now in Goddesses in Older Women (about archetypes in women over fifty), Jean Shinoda Bolen brings our archetypes to life and enables us to recognize them [...]

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Jean Bolen Path with Soul: One Step at a Time Individuation


WORKSHOP: This workshop will draw upon poetic metaphor and myth to illuminate the path we are traveling. Each of us is an unfinished work in process that is shaped by large and small choices we make with intended and unintended consequences. Major unexpected and difficult changes occur in relationships, finances, and health. Once we realize that dreams, physical symptoms, moods, addictions, joy, contentment, gratitude and creativity are all indications about how we are doing, we can check in with ourselves and get our bearings. The call to choose a path with soul is a heart choice, it may begin as an [...]

Jean Bolen Path with Soul: One Step at a Time Individuation2021-09-23T01:12:09-04:00

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