Jerry Ruhl The Pursuit of Happiness


LECTURE: What makes us happy? For the ancient Greeks, happiness was a gift of the gods. With the coming of Christianity it became a promise of the world to come. Today, we often think of happiness as a natural right, even an entitlement. We tend to look for something or someone on the outside to make us happy. This program will examine happiness from the perspectives of depth psychology, Buddhism, positive psychology, and recent neuro-affective research. Dr. Ruhl will suggest that unhappiness is rooted in anxiety which accompanies the sense of being an isolated ego (separate from others and nature as [...]

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Jerry Ruhl Achieving True Contentment


WORKSHOP: Most of us believe that we’ll somehow achieve contentment just as soon as we get a better job, find a more satisfying relationship, buy a bigger house, retire, or attain some other outer goal. Our society conditions us to think this way. With this approach to life, contentment forever eludes us. We continually banish our contentment to another time, a different place, a better circumstance. Through myths, stories, and practical exercises, this workshop will show you how to move beyond the inevitable frustrations of the ego-centered approach to life and open to a deeper, richer layer of experience. We will [...]

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Jerry Ruhl Balancing Heaven and Earth


LECTURE: How should we balance the inner and the outer, the masculine and the feminine, the eternal and the every day? In struggling with goals and duties, how do we also attend to the workings of destiny and the cosmos? Utilizing a mythic story from India, The Ramayana, as guide, this talk explores the Eastern genius for the development of consciousness. Each of the characters in this individuation tale represents a part of the human psyche—all of which must be dealt with during the journey of life. : Jerry M. Ruhl, Ph.D. is a therapist, national speaker, and internationally known author [...]

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Jerry Ruhl The Power of Active Imagination


WORKSHOP: Active imagination is a dialogue that you enter into with different aspects of yourself that are generally unconscious. Conscious participation transforms it from passive fantasy to active imagination. It is a dialogue, not a monologue, with energy systems that frequently show up in dreams, moods, symptoms, neurotic habits, and even illness. Example: I awake with a mood. Instead of letting it ruin my day, I can sit down and ask: What or who inside me is angry? Where in my body can I feel this, and what is it like? What is its image? By working actively with these powerful [...]

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