Michael Conforti Forgiveness and Redemption


WORKSHOP: Susceptibility to emotional states and archetypal possessions is an all too human experience. From the individual and personal to the collective and global, we find ourselves swimming in a sea of archetypal influences; many of which we remain unaware of throughout our life. He discusses those experiences, states, and fields from which we need and seek redemption. Virtually everyone has either committed or been the recipient of some form of moral transgressions of innate moral codes, and each in their own way shackles and yokes the individual to the wheel of seemingly endless repetitions. From the lives of trauma victims [...]

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Michael Conforti The Spiritual Mandates of an Inspired Life


LECTURE: Why is it that despite the fact that the Self presents us with a gift and a destiny, of a potential waiting to be expressed, that we often neglect to attend to all that is needed to bring this aspect of the Transcendent to fruition? To turn away from a life proffered by the Psyche, is to turn away from Self and soul. As there are profound psychological, spiritual and physical consequences for such an unlived life, we need a richer understanding of humanities experiences of confronting and running away from what Self asks of us, and how we have [...]

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