LECTURE: Dr. Kalsched describes a series of dramatic moments in the psychotherapy of trauma survivors where a breakthrough occurred in the client’s access to dissociated feelings. These moments usually occurred when “transitional space”—long since foreclosed by trauma—was re-opened between therapist and patient, and the psyche’s mytho-poetic matrix re-potentiated. One sign of this “re-potentiation” is the vivid dreams that often occur at such moments—dreams in which a lost or abandoned “child” appears—often menaced by the psyche’s oppressive powers. He shows the parallels between these dreams and those ancient myths that describe the birth and trials of the archetypal Hero—the one who always carries a dual destiny—part human, part divine.: Donald Kalsched, Ph.D. is a Jungian psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist. He is a senior faculty member and supervisor with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, and teaches and leads workshops nationally and internationally. His book The Inner World of Trauma: Archetypal Defenses of the Personal Spirit explores the interface between contemporary psychoanalytic theory and Jungian theory as it relates to practical clinical work with the survivors of early childhood trauma. His recent book Trauma and the Soul: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Human Development and its Interruption explores the mystical dimensions of clinical work with trauma-survivors.