WORKSHOP: Everyone has an ego that wishes, and wills, and fears. But Jung tells us that we also have a Self that has the ability to cancel our wishes, frustrate our wills, and intensify our fears, all in the service of a mysterious project: individuation. How do we recognize the Self? Jung found evidence of the Self in dreams. But how does the Self speak to us in dreams? Using examples from a variety of sources, Dr. Beebe will demonstrate how we can identify the Self and how the Self emerges in dreams as a dynamic presence, organizing a new psychological standpoint. John Beebe, M.D., is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst in San Francisco, where, in addition to editing and writing articles and books in the field of analytical psychology, he practices and teaches analytical psychotherapy. He is the Founding Editor of The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, was the first American co-editor of the London-based Journal of Analytical Psychology, and is past President of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. He is the author of Integrity in Depth.