LECTURE: We will look into the mythic patterns of Hermes, hubris and humor that reveal various ways for us humans to get along with the god of insight whose light shines along our paths of individuation. The psyche’s inexhaustible sense of humor about the shit we are in lightens the load, literally—what we suffer, “carry from below,” can become riddled with light via the humor Hermes inspires when we are agile enough to take in new perspectives about our predicaments we face daily. These predicaments psychologically involve our one-sidedness, our unknown shadow sides, our lack of development, our blind and deaf qualities, our hubris and our need to cry out to the great psyche for help. Mythic material revealing Hermes, humor, hubris and the human show will be resourced from various traditions including coyote stories from the North American Southwest Native tribes. Monika Wikman, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Tesuque, New Mexico and Santa Barbara, California. She is the author of Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness. She graduated as a diplomat from the Jung-Von Franz Center for Depth Psychology in Zurich. She lectures internationally, and enjoys leading retreats, and collaborating in podcasts on various topics such as mythology and symbolism, dreams and wellness, near-death experiences, alchemy, creativity and the subtle body.