LECTURE: People have had experiences of the soul’s transcendence since time immemorial. Yet we continue to wonder…What do these experiences prove? Do they offer a genuine vision of reality, or are they only products of human imagination? Are they rooted in human desire, in the wish for immortality, in projection? There are certain special moments in life, call them “openings to transcendence,” when we confront a symbol and see reality as the unconscious, according to Jung, regards it all the time. In this lecture, Murray Stein invites the audience to reflect on such experiences of transcendence. These experiences can open us to question some of our deepest assumptions about the boundaries of the soul. : Murray Stein, Ph.D. , is a Jungian analyst in practice in the Chicago area. He is a training analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago and the author of many articles and books, among them Transformation-Emergence of the Self, In Midlife, Jung’s Map of the Soul, and Practicing Wholeness. An international lecturer, he is the former President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology.