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One of the gifts offered with a Jung Membership is the use of our private collection of more than 2000 books that is available for checkout by members only. The late Ron Havern of New York City made available his private collection of 1800 books that incorporate not only our original founders such as James Hillman, Marie von Franz, Anne Ulanov, most of the speakers we have had here in Atlanta, plus the complete Collected Works of Jung, to areas such as history, philosophy, poetry, mythology, analytical psychology, religion, spirituality, anthropology, alchemy, and others. The collection has been added to by many contributions over the years.
Our benefactor, Ron Havern, was a professor at Mercy College and New York University, offering courses in Psychology of Religion, Psychology of Meditation and Worship, Sexuality in World Religions, and Church History.

He worked with suicidal patients at New York Psychiatric Institute. He was himself, steeped in Jungian thought and was himself engaged in a Jungian analysis for years. He was interested in the connections between Heideggar and Jung, in improvisation and the body. When he died in the spring of 1995 at the age of 43, his personal library was so complete, so fine, his good friends, Dr. Claude Barbre and wife Jill, wanted to share his invaluable collection with an appropriate permanent home. Anne Ulanov and Genevieve Geer, in 1995, were instrumental in gifting this collection to the Atlanta Jung Society, where it has been housed and treasured all these years.

Books can be checked out at the Link Counseling Center in Sandy Springs on a monthly basis and returned in a timely manner at the Link or at one of our monthly Jung meetings. These books have been conveniently classified in categories based on the systems used by the libraries of the Jung Institute in Zurich, New York and San Francisco. There will be a notebook with instructions on how to check out our books when you arrive. Our library works on an honor system and depends on the honor and the integrity of our members for its continued sustainability.

For your convenience, here is a list by author and title:

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