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C.G. Jung

C.G. Jung Institutes

Jung Related Seminars and Institutes

  • Saybrook Graduate Institute provides a unique learner-centered environment for advanced studies in psychology, human science, and organizational systems based in an emancipatory humanistic tradition.
  • Jung on the Hudson Jung on the Hudson series has taken place for 2 weeks each summer for the last ten years. They explore different themes demonstrating how Jung’s unique psychology and ideas can help heal and transform us.
  • Jung in Ireland Open to individuals from all fields, as well as mental health professionals, these programs offer a unique opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with others from diverse backgrounds, interact with a dynamic faculty and experience the magical setting of Ireland.
  • Assisi Institute programs, which are held in the United States and Assisi, Italy, examine the influence and presence of archetypal processes in the individual and collective psyche, the therapeutic situation and in other areas of the natural world, and the relationship between Jungian Psychology and the “new sciences.”
  • Centerpoint Series opens this world to those who search for the meaning of their lives and for values rooted in something richer than the dictates of the current culture. Its written works, self-guided courses and newsletters bring the wisdom of the inner world into dialogue with the reality of the outer world.
  • Pacifica Graduate Institute is an accredited graduate school with two campuses near Santa Barbara, California, offering programs in Psychology, the Humanities, and Mythological Studies informed by the tradition of Depth Psychology. Students attend monthly, 3-day learning sessions, or participate in a blended distance-learning/ low-residency format.
  • New York Open Center
  • Guild for Psychological Studies
  • California Institute of Integral Studies