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Community Corner

Welcome to our Community Corner where we hope you will connect in a deeper way with Jungian topics and ideas as well as engage with fellow Jungian seekers. Please send your comments and suggestions for topics and speakers for future programs. Or take the opportunity for more community interaction with something you heard at one of our lectures or workshops that spurred you to deeper reflection on the subject. Your response may be in the form of a simple comment, an image, or an essay. Please submit those responses by emailing   For articles or longer pieces for consideration for our Writer’s Section write Corner in the subject line to see it published on our website.

Honoring Jutta von Buchholtz

  We want to remember our friend and advisory board member who recently passed. She provided so many engaging lectures, workshops and ideas to our society. She was a native of Germany and came to the United States in the 1960s. Jutta von Buchholtz an L.P.C., received her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature from Vanderbilt, TN; and her Diploma as a Jungian [...]

The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul

Listen To Podcast Here Dr. Connie Zweig, Ph.D., retired Jungian-psychotherapist and author, joins us to discuss her new book, The Inner Work of Age. She extends her well-known work on shadow into midlife and beyond and provides a map for uncovering obstacles to aging consciously. The transition from Hero to Elder, or role to soul, begins with releasing the ego’s identification [...]

Your Winter Landscape

Elizabeth Valera, M.Div., LPC, CT   As I prepare for an upcoming expressive arts group on the theme of Winter, I have been contemplating various archetypal representations of Winter.   As part of my 'research' I rewatched The Rise of the Guardians in which Jack Frost is depicted as a playful and mischievous sprite.  It's such a great reminder about the power [...]

Violence in Fairy Tales by Donald Kalsched, Ph.D.

Dr. Kalsched's lecture with us revolved around the theme written below. Please share your thoughts on the ATL Jung Society's most recent lecture in the comment section on this page. Today, the violence in Fairy Tales seems mild — even quaint — in comparison with a profusion of terrifying films, horror videos on TV, video games that specialize in killing, and [...]

We Have Lost Two Great Poets

James Hollis invites us to read a poem written by a good friend of his, Stephen Dunn. Stephen was an American poet and educator who authored twenty-one collections of poetry. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 2001 collection, Different Hours, and received an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Stephen was [...]

The Large Forms Rolling Beneath the Surface of Our Lives

James Hollis's recent lecture with us explored the themes below. Our personal stories are part of a much larger story. Jung’s articulation of a triune psyche: the conscious sphere, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious reframes each of our very unique stories with those of our species, and with the timeless, formative energies which generate our desires, our patterns, and [...]


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