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Community Corner

Welcome to our Community Corner where we hope you will connect in a deeper way with Jungian topics and ideas as well as engage with fellow Jungian seekers. Please send your comments and suggestions for topics and speakers for future programs. Or take the opportunity for more community interaction with something you heard at one of our lectures or workshops that spurred you to deeper reflection on the subject. Your response may be in the form of a simple comment, an image, or an essay. Please submit those responses by emailing   For articles or longer pieces for consideration for our Writer’s Section write Corner in the subject line to see it published on our website.

Jungian Psychology: A Modern Mystical Path

"We come from mystery and return to mystery, and in between we breathe mystery... At it's best, religion does not seek to solve the mystery in which we reside and of which we are a part, nor does it make the mystery more manageable. It merely provides a myth and accompanying rituals to live into the mystery responsibly, i.e., to [...]

We think with our Hearts: Reading Jung Through Indigenous Eyes

Please post your comments and continue the discussion on this lecture by Jeanne Lacourt. Jung’s meeting with the people of Taos Pueblo had a tremendous effect on him. It impacted and permeated his life’s work and theory and it influenced how he thought and wrote about “the primitive.” But could he have been mistaken? And what might native people have to [...]


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