“We come from mystery and return to mystery, and in between we breathe mystery…
At it’s best, religion does not seek to solve the mystery in which we reside and of which we are a part,
nor does it make the mystery more manageable. It merely provides a myth and accompanying rituals
to live into the mystery responsibly, i.e., to be a conscious conduit for the powers and presences 
that are always seeking us …” (p. 73-74)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jerry Wright suggests we do not topple Religion per se, nor deny others the dignity of living theirs, but to “allow the myth and accompanying rituals that religion provides to bring us more deeply into the Mystery,” to allow the religious experience “to be a conscious conduit for the powers and presences that are always seeking us.” He suggests the religious instinct provides a mystical journey, an opportunity to cooperate with the Self (what he and Jung call the God Within) in order to “live into the mystery more responsibly.”  – Van Waddy

“It took real courage to write this book, in which we are led on a journey to let go of our ‘old time religions’, in order to directly experience the numinous of everyday life.”     – Jeffery Kiehl, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, author of Facing Climate Change

Please share your comments and reaction to Jerry Wright’s lecture, to his book, A Mystical Path Less Traveled, or offer your own personal response to his overall message of Psychological Mysticism as a spiritual journey to our deepest Self.

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