Jung Society of Atlanta Annual Retreat 

at Cathy Shepherd’s home: 2896 Knob Hill Dr, Smyrna

 1/12/2020, 1:00-5:30 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Regina Mowrer, Vice President

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Z Gilman, Board member, Volunteer Chair

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails 

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary


Absent: Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality 

Aja Snyder, Marketing/Publicity

Deb Herberger, Bookstore and Phone


Board Meeting

  • Cathy called the meeting to order at 1:11 pm, lit two candles, one in honor of Bob White’s passing. Board members shared fond memories of their years with Bob and the contributions he made to the Jung Society as the manager of our book store. The board discussed how we could honor Bob with a remembrance at our next Jung Society meeting this month. 
  • Cathy passed around Angel cards. 
  • Cathy welcomed Regina Mowrer, the society’s new Vice President.
  • Cathy asked if there were any changes to the previous minutes from 11/3/19. Board members said there were no changes. Z made a motion to approve the minutes for 11/3/19, Deborah seconded. All members were in favor. Minutes were approved by the board without any changes.


Rental Contract: Deborah 

  • Deborah said she met with Amy Frost, Coordinator of Activities at Sandy Springs Christian Church, regarding our contract and rental rates. She passed around copies of the proposal dated November 2019. The board of trustees at the church have decided to raise their fees to reflect the high rental costs in the Sandy Springs area. The new rental charges: $808 for one day rentals, $1708 for two day rental, $900 for the sanctuary for 5 hours (includes one hour for set up and tear down).
  • The church will no longer provide beverage supplies (stirrers, creamer, etc.) or the ear microphone; we will need to purchase our own.


Treasurer’s report: Don

  • Don presented the budget for 2019, indicating a loss of $8,503. 
  • Don pointed out an expense of $969.33 on the budget in May 2019 under “Event Speaker Hotel, Meals, etc.”, and explained it was high because of $485 that was incurred as a result of cancelling a reservation for a guest speaker at the Sheraton that was non-refundable. Don apologized for the error. Cathy made a motion to write off this expense, Z seconded. All voted in favor.
  • Deborah said the Jung Society only has a debit card, and Cathy said she will look into getting a credit card for the society to protect the society’s money and to be able to contest disputable charges. 
  • Don said Vanguard stocks have done well, with an income of $ 1,179.45. JSA checking account balance is $4,812.41.  Vanguard holdings are $48,980.68.
  • Deborah made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Cathy seconded, all were in favor. The treasurer’s report was accepted by the board.


Budget: Don

  • Don presented the 2020 budget, highlighting costs for speaker fees, websites, brochures, etc . 
  • Cathy said the society will continue to advertise with the Council of Churches at the cost of $100. Regina and Z asked Cathy to forward the council’s website to them so they can get more information about the council.
  • Don signed up for Square, and said we will change from Go Payments to Square. Square payments are categorized and can transfer automatically to Quickbooks, which makes it easier because Don will no longer have to do it manually. Don projects about $5 per month for additional Square costs related to Quickbooks. He also ordered 3 wireless bluetooth readers.
  • Don said he added $1000 in the budget for a microphone (under A/V).
  • Deborah made a motion to accept the 2020 budget as amended, Van seconded, all members voted in favor.


Attendance: Don

  • Don said our Saturday workshops and overall attendance has generally been low, except for Hollis events. 
  • Bill said it would help to get blurbs/testimonials on speakers to promote and increase interest and attendance in their events.


Programs: Deborah

  • Deborah presented the programs for 2020, and pointed out an addition to the program with Joe McFadden, MD, presenting on Trauma and Dissociation.
  • Kathleen will do her experiential group on Saturday 1/25, from 9am – 1pm, titled “Connecting to our Body/Mind”. Deborah said so far 9 people have signed up for this event, max is 12. Deb Herberger and Peggy will take a couple of spots. Cathy and Van expressed interest in attending. Deborah may have to put some people on the waiting list if they exceed 12. Deborah clarified that there is no food or front door manning for this event.
  • Nyambura will introduce Kathleen Wiley on the 1/25/2020 Saturday night lecture. 
  • Z will introduce Katie and the theater performance in February.
  • For the March event, Van will pick Hollis up at the airport, Don and Deborah will take him back to the airport after the event. Cathy will introduce Hollis.
  • Cathy will ask Bill if he can introduce Rebecca Armstrong in April.
  • Deborah clarified that the Episcopal Diocese will pay half of the expenses for Fanny Brewster. This event will likely bring in more people than we usually get because of Fanny Brewster’s respected status in the Jungian community; also, she has a large following as a woman of color who presents on topics that focus on current social issues.


Media/Publicity/Books – Bill

  • Bill said we should boost new events and speakers on social media to bring in more people.
  • Bill will order more Hollis books, we’re getting low on stock. Bill will also order some general books like Portable Jung.
  • Deborah will check with Jeffrey Kiehl about possible books for his event, and with Katie about recommended books on gun violence.
  • Bill will bring some boxes of tapes at the next meeting.
  • Bill is out of town for the 1/25 Wiley event, so Z will talk to Deb Herberger to see if she can cover books for that event.


Breakout sessions: 3:22pm – 4:10 pm

Bruce and Bill excused themselves and left the meeting shortly after returning from the break out sessions.

Breakout groups:

Website – Don, Bruce, Bill, Nyambura 

Food/equipment/storage – Z, Regina  

Programs/contract – Deborah, Van, Peggy, Cathy


Website: Don, Bruce, Bill, Nyambura

  • Don said he is not ready with the website and it will not make the February deadline. He will stick to bare essentials on the website for now. Regina offered to help Don and Nyambura said her husband, Earl, who is a web developer, is willing to share ideas and consultation.
  • Bill suggested that information like current events be prominent in the center of the homepage and not off to the side; also the website should be responsive to tablets and iPhones.
  • Don said live streaming events would be an additional source of income, as would connecting with Jungian analysts/speakers about linking our website to their websites and content. There are good video cameras on the market for live streaming, at about $800. However, Bill said Internet glitches and unreliability could be a barrier; therefore, a speed test should be done for the church’s Wifi; also, exploring portable options for the Internet like Hotspots. 
  • Bruce suggested we could charge half price for live streaming our events; this would help us reach a wider audience and therefore draw in more income. We could also live stream informal events like meetups. Bruce mentioned possible equipment options like the latest iPhone, which has excellent cameras, also the iPad App, Switcher.
  • Bill added that for live streaming, we need a moderator to screen/field the questions. He also raised legal and privacy concerns about live streaming and asked if we need consent from audience members. Don said we could address privacy concerns for the speaker in the speaker’s contract. 
  • Bill said Zoom could be an option for live streaming, where we could do a membership login for those who want to attend.


Food storage and equipment: Z, Regina

  • We could purchase lockable tubs for food storage and purchase less food to cut costs. Mahshid could try shopping at Aldi. We need to buy our own beverage equipment. 
  • Deborah will ask Amy at the church whether beverage equipment can be removed from the contract, or can be included on occasion. Cathy will inform the board once she has Amy’s response, and will then call to amend the vote to reflect changes in the contract. Cathy will also call our insurance to make sure liability is covered. 
  • Cathy made a motion to approve the contract from the church, Z seconded, all were in favor. 


Programs: Deborah, Van, Peggy

  • Van said it is a good idea to do write ups using language that makes it easier for people who are not familiar with Jungian terms.
  • Would it cut costs to not have our regular meetings this August and December at the church, and instead have smaller discussions at The Link? Deborah said she will ask Amy if she can take our August program off the church calendar and change the contract to reflect this. The board decided to revisit what to do for our December event at the next board meeting. 
  • Cathy made a motion to have a “Jungian discussion event” at The Link in August instead of our regular program, Van seconded. All were in favor. 


Mailing/Printing Postcards: Don

Don said that postcards will be mailed every three months. Regina said she loves the postcards and this was one of the things that drew her to this Jung Society.


Volunteers: Z

Z will ask for volunteers at the next meeting.


CEUs: Van

  • Jefferey Kiehl will do the write-up for his workshop objectives for CEU approval.
  • Van already has the write-up for Hollis lecture, she will apply for CEUs. 


Front desk: Regina

  • Regina will be at the front desk at the January event; Z and Van will provide support. Z will check with Aja to see whether she will attend/help. 
  • Regina, Van, and Z mentioned glitches with payments at the front desk. Could it be the church’s WiFi connection? Don said it is possible that problems with Go Payment may be the cause of some of the glitches, it may not actually be the WiFi. 


Membership: Bruce 

Z put new members in Zoho, Bruce will check.


Library: Peggy 

The small Red Book may still be missing. Peggy will check.


Other Business – Cathy

  • Cathy said an anonymous donor offered to match donations up to $5000. Deborah and Z suggested we announce this at the meeting and also mention it on the donations link on our website. 
  • Cathy suggested we distribute a short program evaluation form for every event and place a box at the desk for responses and suggestions about our programs. 
  • Cathy said some members are complaining about late starts to our programs. Therefore, meetings should start promptly at 7:30 pm with announcements. By 7:45 pm, the program should begin. Z suggested closing the doors when the speaker starts talking to discourage late arrivals. Don will add a note to the email blasts he sends out that we plan to start our programs on time.
  • Bill has been posting our meetings on Facebook. Jenn is no longer doing quotes on Facebook. Cathy will ask Bill about posting on Instagram as well.
  • Cathy suggested including a remembrance for Bob in our next program: she will do a brief remembrance and Nyambura will read a poem and light a candle.


Board members read out their Angel Cards. There being no other business, the board meeting ended at 5:30 pm. The next meeting was scheduled for 3/29/2020 from 2-5 pm at The Link.  


Addendum 3/25/2020:

Cathy sent out emails and texts to board members regarding changes to the upcoming board meeting scheduled for 3/29: due to precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the board agreed to meet online via Zoom instead of at The Link. Don emailed board members with an invitation to join the meeting scheduled for 3/29 at 2pm via Zoom.