1/17/2021 TIME:  1:00 PM – 4:50 PM


Present:       Deb Herberger: President, Incoming Communications

                   Nyambura Kihato: Vice President, Program Committee

                      Cathy Shepherd: Treasurer and President Emeritus                           

 Peggy Sorrells: Incoming Communications and Library

Bruce Selvage:  Website, Publicity and Marketing

Van Waddy: Writing and Editing Committee

Deborah Huntley: Program Committee 

Barbara (Zee) Gilman: Program Committee, Website and               Volunteers 

Bill Bridges: Website, Publicity, and Marketing, Books & Media

Liam Gowan: Publicity and Marketing

Mahshid Irvani: Hospitality

Kristine Rudow: Secretary



Opening Ritual – 1:00 to 2:40 pm, Brief Break


Call to Business – 2:45pm

Deb called the board meeting to order after the opening ritual. In her opening remarks she emphasized further development of our existing committees with less dependence on a chair-person, the goal being better collaboration between committees and interfacing with the website. She reviewed and confirmed the composition of website and program committees as listed in the membership list above. And she referred to the need for the creation of new committees  such as Budget (assisting the Treasurer) and Writing/Editing (assisting with out-going communication as well as a possible vehicle for creative writing on the Website).


Nyambura called for approval of the 11/29/20 and 12/27/20 minutes. Deborah amended minutes regarding January Black Book Program – no CEU’s will be offered. Zee made motion for approval and Van seconded the motion. The motion passed by the board.



Karen Hebert agreed to do CEU’s and Van agreed to prepare with the speaker a synopsis of the program for CEU eligibility. The board agreed to the waiver of CEU fees for Karen to compensate her for her volunteer service. CEU’s will be offered on any eligible program, as a service to licensed members.


Incoming Communications

Peggy agreed to help monitor the Jung phone line and transcription of the phone calls  into emails received through Vonage@ Transcription Service. 


Writing and Editing Committee

Van agreed to assist with writing and editing for the website and program committees, or in any area requiring literary writing or editing. For future consideration, the idea of establishing a Writer’s Corner on the website was discussed.



Treasurer Report

Cathy, Interim Treasurer, will be working with a Budget Committee, as it is established. She indicated that she will be presenting a more complete Treasurer’s Report at the next board meeting after the transfer of management of QuickBooks from the previous Treasurer has been completed and  information for analysis and report is more available. Don Huntley prepared a 2020 Treasurer’s Report  (which was emailed to board members on Jan 4). Deb will email it to all board members who missed Don’s mailing, prior to the next Board Meeting. A friend and former AJS Board member, Don Tyner, provided Cathy with a possible volunteer through the Scope Program to assist with QuickBooks. Cathy reported she may need to pay for some resource people to get all the books in order.

Updates on treasury committee progress, 1099’s, and taxes, etc.

will be given in the March 21st Budget Board Meeting 



Delineation of  Levels of Volunteers

Board members will continue to receive waiver of membership fees, but that will not include spouses. Any other waivers will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  The different forms of volunteers within AJS  were described as being: Elected Officers, Board Committee Members, Volunteers and Unpaid Consultants. Not all Committee Members are Board Members (example: Karen Hebert on CEU Committee).



Secretary will revise and update our bylaws and distribute them to board members. It was recalled that bylaws were changed and approved by membership for the Treasurer to be a non-elected appointed position. Deborah to assist in updating the bylaws as needed and Deb to find minutes for 2016-18 confirming the date of bylaw amendment..


Program Committee

Outgoing publicity emails regarding programs will be handled by Nyambura and Zee, coordinating with Bill on Website. Nyambura volunteered to work with Deborah to develop an efficient way to archive program materials for future, repeating presenters and other information to aid other committees. Board agreed to keep programs virtual through 2021 due to Covid. Hollis recommends going hybrid as we move forward after Covid. Program Committee will work with Publicity Committee to provide shortened descriptions for social media purposes


Deborah’s Review of Upcoming Programs for 2021


1- Sunday, January 31, 2- 4 PM, Sonu Shamdasani

2- Saturday, February 20, 7:30 PM, Rebecca Armstrong

3- Saturday March 20, 7:30 PM, Susan Olson

4- Saturday April 17, 7:30 PM, Kathleen Wiley

5- Saturday May 15, 7:30 PM, Lionel Corbett

6- Saturday June 19, 7:30 PM, Jerry Ruhl

7- Saturday July 17, 7:30 PM, Jutta von Buchholtz

8- Saturday August 21, 7:30 PM, Jeanne LaCourt

9- Saturday September 18, 7:30 PM, Donald Kalsched*

10- Sunday October 17, 2- 4 PM (?), Jerry Wright  

11- Saturday November 6, 7:30 PM, James Hollis,  

12- Saturday, December 4, 7:30 PM, Keiron Le Grice*


* projected but not yet confirmed



Website Committee 

Bill’s checklist of items needed to fill in an event and open registration on the website:

*Text description of the speaker’s event, including title.

*Speaker bio, including an approved photo from the speaker.

*Costs for members, non-members, students and various CEU add-ons.


Website advertising versus website registration: registration for multiple events was deemed to be appropriate, while advertising should be targeted only for the upcoming program. As soon as an event is finished, content for the next event needs to be ready  for use in advertising.


Publicity and Marketing Committee

Bill, Liam, and Bruce will work together with the Programs Committee as needed. Cathy (outgoing Programs) and Liam looked into short videos for Instagram and will test one for Rebecca Armstrong’s upcoming program.

Constant Contact – Bill will complete work with Don Huntley in learning Constant Contact app. Zee and Nyambura plan to learn as well and to assist Bill with content and sending out reminder emails on upcoming events. 

Instagram and Facebook – Cathy suggested using Sonu Shamdasani materials for testing possible use of similar content for future speakers.


Next Board Meeting was  scheduled for 3/21/2021, 2 to 4pm  and is to emphasize Treasurer’s Report and the approval of a 2021 Budget.


Meeting adjourned 4:50 PM