Jung Society of Atlanta Board Meeting (online via Zoom)

 7/19/2020, 2:00-3:47 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Deb Herberger, Vice President

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Zee Gilman, Board member, Volunteer Chair

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails 

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary


Absent: Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality 


  • Cathy called the meeting to order at 2:16 pm. Nyambura thanked Zee for taking down the minutes in her absence on 5/16/20, and asked if there were any changes to be made to them. Cathy said she made some changes to the past minutes.
  • Deborah forwarded a motion to approve minutes of 5/16/20, Cathy seconded, all were in favor. Minutes for 5/16/20 were approved.
  • Cathy put forward a motion for Deb Herberger to be our new Vice President, Don seconded, all were in favor. Deb Herberger was approved as our new VP.


Jutta von Buchholtz web event 7/18/20

  • Cathy thanked Bruce for his introduction of Jutta at last night’s event. 
  • Cathy said Jutta donated her earnings back to the Jung Society, and that she sent Jutta a thank you email. Deb H will send a thank you note to Jutta. Don was asked to reflect this in Quickbooks. Don was not able to figure out how to do this.
  • Board members agreed that CJ, who provided technical support for yesterday’s event, was awesome, we’d like him to continue. Don can sign him in as a host. Don said he received only one email from a person who couldn’t get into the event last night. 
  • Don said that people who wait for the last minute get into the event get the option to join as a member. Cathy said that’s a great way to get memberships. Don said some people joined on that option last night. Don reiterated that the cut off to register is at midnight the day before the event. Don said hopefully the new website can take care of this, as well as purchasing options, registration, CEUs, etc.
  • Don clarified that only those whose Zoom registrations were approved receive the recorded lecture later.
  • Bruce and Don discussed whether Zoom recordings can be purchased later by members. Don said he can download the recordings from Zoom and upload to the new website. Bill said it may help to have a separate page for members only with restricted access to recordings. Don said these will hopefully be incorporated to the new website.
  • Cathy said CJ could relieve some of Don’s workload, like getting emails of participants set up on the website.


Deborah – Programs

  • Lissa Friedman will present on August 15th on Body Energetics and the Enneagram; CEUs have been approved and the event will be up on the website in a couple of days. Deb H will introduce her.
  • Deborah spoke to Catherine Meeks and Fanny Brewster about the event on 9/19. Fanny offered to do a 2-hour lecture and a discussion afterwards. She will talk about current racial tensions using the Red Book. The Center for Racial Healing will pay Fanny $1000, so we will not incur a fee. We will do the work and keep any profits. Catherine requested that some of her staff and training people get in free. Deborah said we should put this event up on the website asap.
  • Catherine may want to introduce Fanny, but if not, Nyambura offered to do it. Deborah will check with Catherine and confirm. Fanny may be able to return in 2021 for a live event if COVID-19 will be contained by then. 
  • Catherine has someone running her online events, though CJ could do so because it will be a big event. Don offered to be a backup if CJ takes it on.
  • Nonnie Cullipher is scheduled for October 17 to do Story Time with Robert Johnson. Pete Williams and Virginia Apperson offered to be guest speakers to talk about their chapters in the book. Deborah will ask Virginia if she wants to introduce Nonnie. No CEUs will be offered. Bruce said we could put the book up on the bookstore for participants to purchase. 
  • Gary Sparks is scheduled for November 14th.
  • Deborah asked whether we want to schedule a speaker for December, adding that this would help keep the community connected. Board voted and agreed to do the December meeting. Possible options were explored, including Jean Shinoda Bolen, Don Kalsched, Ann Ulanov, Jeffrey Raf, Sonu Shamdasani (since Black Books will come out in October, he’d be perfect for December), Lionel Corbett, and hosts for the podcast “This Jungian Life”, Joseph Lee and Deborah Stuart. Deborah will follow up on these suggestions. 
  • Bruce will post events up on Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Cathy asked Don for names of donors so she can send thank you notes to them. Cathy said that she will find out from John whether donor names would show up on the new website.
  • Cathy said she sent a thank you card to Hollis. 


Mini treasurer’s report – Don

  • Don shared the expense report on the screen and pointed out that the $3715.01 earned for Hollis was pretty good. Typically, it would be $6,000-$7,000 for a weekend.
  • 55 people attended Jutta’s event last night, which brought in $940. Zoom is great because there are lower overhead costs. Don said we are in the black, with $2,714 in profits.
  • The cost for advertising and Zoom set up for Rebecca Armstrong, including paying for cloud storage, was about $500.
  • Total income and speaker fees are down; we didn’t have to pay much for Hollis. 


CEU’s – Van

  • Van said the Hollis event was great; 17 LPCs registered for CEUs, total brought in was $425.
  •  Van broke down CEU costs:  $90 for CEUs for LPCs then $10 to put it up on their calendar; $50 for SW, and $100 for MFTs; MFT CEUs are expensive.
  • For the Mcfadden event, 7 LPCs and 2 SWs paid for CEUs, at a cost of $225. Deb and Van said it is important to continue to offer CEUs as a service and not necessarily for the money, as more people will continue to use it.
  • 7 LPCs and 1 SW registered for Jutta’s CEUs last night.
  • We will not offer CEUs for Nonnie’s lecture.
  • LPC CEUs have been accepted for Lissa’s event.
  • We will decide later about CEUs for the last two (Gary Sparks and December event).


New website 

  • Cathy, Don, Deborah, Bill, and Bruce had a meeting with John, who’s putting together the website. They will meet again next week and continue to discuss  things like the membership page costs ($29/month for up to 300 members). More info at the meeting next week. Deb H volunteered to join the website committee and attend the meeting.
  • Logo options were discussed. Cathy said she’s ready to move forward with the logo and website. Don wants our logo to be redone. Part of the package for the website includes doing the logo. Hiring a graphic designer was suggested. 
  • Are we changing to a .org instead of .com website? Since we’re a non profit, we should have a .org website. Jung Society owns the .org domain.
  • The board decided to continue to move forward with the new website, and put additional information as needed.


Books and Media – Bill  

  • Bill still has numerous videos, CDs, VHS tapes. We can rent them out but can’t sell them or send them out digitally. 
  • Deborah felt it is important to hold on to them because they have some nice old stuff. Cathy said this can be raised at the meeting with John next week. Perhaps they can be made available to members.
  • Since we’re not meeting in person, Cathy wondered how we can continue to engage the community, maybe through monthly inspirational quotes posted up on Instagram. Bruce offered to do posts with quotes and images. Don suggested a minimum of twice monthly posts; he will mail Bruce a book of quotes to use. Deborah added we could also use these quotes on our website. Bruce will post something for Lissa later, after there is registration information, CEUs, etc.
  • Don said we need to get our Instagram credentials (username and p/w) from Jenn. Zee offered to contact Jenn and get that information.


Cathy suggested calling another board meeting after the Fanny Brewster event. Board members agreed; the next meeting was set for Sunday 9/20/2020 at 2 pm via Zoom. There being no other business, the board meeting ended at 3:47 pm.