3/21/2021 TIME 1:04 PM – 4:21 PM


Present:      Deb Herberger: President, Incoming Communications

                     Nyambura Kihato: Vice President, Program Committee

                     Cathy Shepherd: Treasurer and President Emeritus

Peggy Sorrells: Incoming Communications and Library                                                        

Bruce Selvage:  Website, Publicity and Marketing

Van Waddy: Writing and Editing Committee

Deborah Huntley: Program Committee 

Barbara (Zee) Gilman: Program Committee, 

                                       Website and Volunteers 

Bill Bridges: Website, Publicity, and Marketing, Books & Media

Liam Gowan: Publicity and Marketing

Mahshid Irvani: Hospitality

Kristine Rudow: Secretary


Absent:          Bruce Selvage and Mahshid Irvani




CALL TO ORDER – Liam shared his Instagram post of quotes from Jung and images, which have attracted new followers and positive feedback. He demonstrated the work he is doing with videos on Instagram. Deb suggested that publicity and web site committees explore the possibility of creating continuity in sharing information between other committees on the web site.

Cathy stated 101 tickets sold for Susan Olson’s lecture on 3/20/21 and

Liam shared Cathy’s idea of Instagram address on Zoom screen during programs. Deb suggested adding a FB page.


REVIEW OF 1/17/2021 MINUTES – Kristine stated changes made by Deb and Cathy from original minutes. Nyambura made a motion for approval and Zee seconded the motion. The motion was passed by all the board members.



Revisions to the 2018 Secretary Minutes and Bylaws are affirmed.


Deb reviewed the history surrounding the Amendment to the Bylaws made in 2018, which declared that the Treasurer be appointed by the executive board, and report to the executive board: The Executive Board voted on 10/14/2018 to begin the process of such amendment. This proposal was voted on and approved by the Membership (as required by the Bylaws) at the 11/10/2018 meeting.  Deb explained that the Bylaws document was never revised to reflect the Amendment made and read a suggested revision.

A suggested revision to the Secretary’s 2018 Minutes Addendum, which captured the membership vote on November 10, 2018 was also read.

Cathy made a motion, Zee seconded the motion, and the Board approved to accept the 

Revisions made to the Secretary’s Addendum to the 2018 Minutes as well as the revision to the existing Bylaw document.

Kristine is to retype the Amended Bylaw document reflecting the revision approved on March 21, 2021 and make it available to each board member.


TREASURER’S REPORT (Cathy emailed copy to each Board member)


2021 Budget Key Points –  (For details see last pages of the minutes)


Event Fee Income $18,246

Member Dues $6,980

CEU Income $4,000

Total Estimated Income – $29,226


Total Estimated Costs and Expenses – $17,834


Estimated Income after expenses – $11,392


Cathy reported she has paid all taxes,including penalties and late fees.She also reported on her difficulties accessing our Vanguard  account so far. She is concerned their services are not particularly friendly to small non- profits. She is investigating other possible investment services. She also described the inability of our website to classify income in a detailed format, to make it easily integrated with Quickbooks. A Treasury Committee could help with these problem areas.


Items Approved


Cathy appointed as treasurer and to be reviewed end 2021.

Deb made motion and Liam second the motion.

  1. Formally make Cathy Treasurer for legal reasons.

All Board members approved the motion.


  1. Name a Treasury Committee to work together on investments and other treasury issues.

At onset, it is be a 3-person committee: Cathy (Treasurer) Deb (President) and Roger Rudow (consultant) to help with investments, Quick Books and other issues.

Board to vote on all future members on the Treasury Committee

Van made the motion and Deborah seconded the motion.

All Board Members approved the motion.


  1. Do we want to continue paying for the council of churches?

All Board members agreed to continue with the council of churches with a donation of $100 a year.


  1. Donations to the Link.

Cathy suggested continuing to donate $1000.00 to the Link every 2 years.

This year’s donation is in celebration of their 30th year Anniversary.

Van made such motion to donate this year and Deb Seconded the motion.

All Board members approved the motion.


Items Proposed or Under Consideration


  1. The length of term for the Treasurer will be decided at the end of 2021.


  1. Hire someone to do QuickBooks, audit and to help with the yearly budget.

Find persons to help with web site modifications integrating Stripe and Quick Books and qualified to give overall review to explore other options. Research is needed to determine how to move forward.


  1. Do we want to budget for in-person programs this year? Link charges $35 an hour, CJ $150.00 to do zoom and in person together. He has equipment. Will need to check the Link’s Internet’s capability.

Link requires booking ahead, cancelations accepted as needed without penalty. Cathy booked the Link July through December, with exception of Hollis’ lecture in November. To be decided, if added equipment is needed to improve quality of the Links Internet service. A budget for in-person programs still needs to be determined.


  1. Do we want to incorporate Zoho info into Constant Contact?

Board agreed to incorporate Zoho into Constant Contact.

CJ to set up Constant Contact to create an address list for new membership.

Cathy and Nyambura will begin the process of updating membership lists and report back on how to proceed and how CJ assists in incorporating the lists into Membership Works. Cathy will ask C.J. to add physical addresses to the sign up screen.

Develop ability to allow Board members easy access to Membership Works.


  1. Do we want to do another postcard mailing of events this year?

Cathy will not budget another mailing for this year. Maybe review again when we begin to return to in-person programs.


  1. Passwords – How do we manage them?

Bill suggested using a password vault called Last Pass Teams, which offers the service at a fee of $4.00 per person monthly, as well as other options. Deb questioned the transfer of passwords every 2 years and Bill suggested get opinions of others and for options for non-profits and to check a company called Tech Soup. Cathy suggested that  the Treasury Committee research available options.


  1. Treasury Committee to list and locate all physical assets of the Society. Deborah said Amy at church would be agreeable for Jung Society to collect any of our physical assets from the church.

Anyone holding assets please be sure to add to the list.


Deborah made the motion accept budget as it is. Deb seconded the motion. All Board members approve the motion.


CJ – DEVELOPING PROTOCOLS for his Contracting

CJ works on an hourly basis for $20 per hour and plans to give top priority to the society’s needs and has requested structured ways to prioritize his time.

Board members want to adopt a system of fairness to pay CJ for time

spent in assisting members with web site projects.

The members voted to give CJ the title of Tech Administrator with duties of IT and Zoom Coordinator. Zee made the motion and Cathy seconded the motion.

All board members seconded the motion.



*The Program Committee will finalize our contract for speakers and the updated contract will be sent to Jutta von Buchholtz`.

*Adjustments to upcoming programs:

Saturday June 19, 7:30 Jutta von Buchholtz

Saturday July 17,  7:30 Jerry Rhul

Steve Busser to lecture in place of Keiron Le Grice who will reschedule in 2022

*Waiting to hear from Donald Kalsched to determine the dates to schedule the September and December dates.

*Introductions for Jerry Rhul, Jutta von Buchholtatz and Lionel Corbett TBD

*CEU’s  for Steve Buser TBD

*Breakout rooms can be used within CEU’s? CJ has stated that it would not be complicated to break people into therapist and non-therapist breakout rooms.

Deborah stated this may be advantageous for online workshops if we are unable to do in-person workshops.

Jerry Wright is interested in (and possibly Steve Buser) doing in-person events.

The status of Covid health concerns will determine when to begin in-person events. Only local speakers will be considered for in-person events since they involve much less expense. Cathy is to budget for 2 in-person events.



WEBSITE (Registration, CC Reminders, Other)

Discussion of the development of archives for storing membership and minutes, etc. onto the website for Board member access only. CJ has 2 options to be considered and Deb recommended CJ to attend the next board meeting to discuss these options. Bill suggested that it be easily uploaded and user friendly, making modifications and the uploading of new versions easy with some editing controls that have no blocks to board members for entry into the system. He suggested Drop Box be considered since it is made for this type of use.  

Cathy suggested getting CJ to teach us how to access Membership Works and prepare board members for entry into the Archives.

Bill said Constant Contact reminders on target to go out as planned. 



Liam added as Administrator for Jung FB page and will need to be able to link accounts in order to cross post. Bill suggested adding a backup administrator, Zee agreed. 

(See also Liam’s opening remarks.)



Deb is exploring insurance needs to cover the Society and the board for any liability risks of in-person meetings and other concerns. Deb is working with a broker to find a policy that meets our needs at a good price. 

Online registration, program descriptions and our FB page will provide notice that we record our programs.



The Program Committee will work with the Writer’s Committee (when needed) to determine wording for the notices that we record our programs.

Bill will help Van on how to navigate and post to the writer’s corner.

Van to review Hollis’s book.



CJ is to help Karen reconfigure our online evaluations. Many program participants have been unable to fill these out after the lecture.



Peggy asked that we keep her informed of any changes so that she can answer  questions from incoming calls, e.g. CEU changes.




Board meeting 6/13/2021 1:00 PM



Liam closes the meeting with a deep breath of acknowledgement for all that was accomplished. Meeting ended 4:21 PM