Jung Society of Atlanta Board Meeting (online via Zoom)

 3/29/2020, 2:00-4:00 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Regina Mowrer, Vice President

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Z Gilman, Board member, Volunteer Chair

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails 

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Deb Herberger, Bookstore and Phone

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary


Absent: Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality 


Board Meeting

  • Cathy called the meeting to order at 2:12 pm. She thanked Don for hosting the Zoom meeting today, and for refunding all the money from this month’s Hollis event that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.
  • Board members thanked Cathy for making venue arrangements, changes, and updates necessary for cancelling the Hollis event, and agreed that it was a good idea to cancel this event, given the circumstances.
  • Cathy said the disruptions brought about by the Coronavirus will impact the Jung Society and community going forward, so it is important for the board to plan for this and make adjustments as things continue to change. 
  • Nyambura said that she received the changes that Don made to the previous minutes under “Budget”. She asked if all board members are getting the minutes via email on Google Docs, and clarified how Google Docs works with different email accounts. Regina and Van said they did not receive the previous minutes. Nyambura took down their emails and said she will double check and resend the previous minutes from 1/12/20 to Regina and Van.
  • Cathy asked if there were any more changes to the minutes from 1/12/2020. Board members said there were no further changes. Cathy made a motion to approve the minutes for 1/12/20, Deborah seconded. All members were in favor. Minutes were approved by the board with current changes.



  • Deborah said that Rebecca Armstrong will do a Zoom lecture for our April event; her son will help her set up. Rebecca wants to incorporate the effect the Coronavirus is having on the world in her talk. Deborah said Rebecca got a refund for her airfare. 
  • Deborah will contact Joe McFadden to find out whether he can do a Zoom lecture, and what kind of arrangements need to be made.
  • Deborah said that pending his medical status, Hollis has agreed to do his talk on May 16th for $600, which means we can charge $25 for members and $35 for non-members. If possible, Hollis could return in October and perhaps do a workshop in person.  
  • Deborah will talk to Catherine Meeks and Fanny Brewster so see how to reschedule and set up their event in September.
  • Jeffrey Kiehl is comfortable using Zoom and said he can do a lecture but not a workshop, which would not be conducive to an online format. He is flexible and willing to make changes as needed. Deborah will be in touch with him and will update the board. Jeffrey is scheduled to present December 4 and 5.


Online format

  • Cathy asked if board members are OK with having Jung Society meetings online for now. Board members said yes, and agreed that it was important to keep moving on with our programs and make changes accordingly. Cathy offered to draft a letter to go out to members about how the society will continue with online events moving forward. She will share the letter with the board and asked board members to contribute their ideas to it.
  • Several board members shared their own experiences as participants in online events and trainings, outlining some of advantages and limitations of online meetings, and the technical difficulties that need to be addressed beforehand, such as collaborating with the speaker about rules for engaging during the event, using a moderator, muting all mics, etc.
  • Cathy asked board members what they thought about doing our first online lecture with Rebecca Armstrong free of charge this month, as we get used to the new online format. Board members agreed it would be an excellent idea. Deb added it would be a great way to advertise for the upcoming Hollis event. Don said he would post an update about Rebecca’s event on our website with instructions on how to join the online event. Don will talk to Rebecca about how she would like to handle the discussion and Q&A online, and also offered to monitor the controls (such as muting mics). Bill will do an online intro for her. Deborah forwarded a motion to make  our first online Zoom lecture by Rebecca Armstrong free of charge for all participants. Van seconded. All were in favor.
  • Don suggested we come up with a policy to refund people who get dropped off the Zoom/online lectures due to technical difficulties. Bill said this could be resolved by giving those people access to a recording later. Bill said we need to post instructions on our website on how Zoom works so people can feel comfortable using it going forward. Don said he would do this.



  • Cathy said that it is crucial to start working on the new website and asked Nyambura if her husband, Earl Daniels, a web developer, is available to talk to the board about it.
  • Earl joined the board meeting at 3:10 pm, and shared some ideas for the new website based on the checklist Don provided earlier. Earl said that it would be helpful for the board to come up with a written proposal with more detailed descriptions focusing on the kind of experience they would like visitors to the new website to have. Earl said that this proposal can be presented to various web developers and can be used to shop for the right web developer. Board members thanked Earl and he left the meeting at 3:35 pm.
  • Don and Regina said they would be willing to flesh out the descriptive narrative for the website, then meet with a web developer later to present their proposal and get a price estimate. Regina offered to head the website committee, which includes Don, Bruce, and Bill.
  • Deborah made a motion to have the website committee put together a written proposal and meet with a web developer, such as Applied Imagination, for guidance and direction. Cathy seconded, all were in favor.


Cathy suggested setting up a shorter hour-long meeting before the next official board meeting. Board members agreed to meet after Rebecca’s event to review how the online format is working, make necessary adjustments, and plan ahead for the Hollis event. Therefore, the next meeting was set for 4/19/2020 at 2pm via Zoom. There being no other business, the board meeting ended at 4pm.