06/05/2022  TIME 1:13 PM – PM 4:24



Deb Herberger: President, Incoming Communications

Nyambura Kihato: Vice President, Program Committee

Cathy Shepherd: Treasurer, Affiliate Com., Pres. Emeritus  

Roger Rudow: Treasurer Committee

Peggy Sorrells: Incoming Communications, Library

Bruce Selvage: Affiliate Com., Writing and Editing Com. 

Van Waddy: Writing and Editing Committee

Deborah Huntley: Program Committee    

Barbara (Zee) Gilman: Program Committee, Affiliate                   Committee, Volunteer Committee

Bill Bridges: Website,Publicity, and Marketing, Books & Media    

Liam Gowan: Publicity and Marketing 

Kristine Rudow: Secretary; Volunteer Committee

Karen Hebert: CEU Coordinator

Mahshid Irvani: Hospitality


 ABSENT (Nyambura, Karen, Mahshid)

                       CJ Johnson: IT Consultant, Administrative Assistant) 



Deb opened a circle for us to share in silence for the board to reflect    our concerns, hopes and gratitude. Thanks expressed for Dr Hollis for all his support and gifts he has given to JS Society, with hope for his continued healing.




Mahshid would be rejoining our board and continue to work on the hospitality committee .



Kristine reported on the minutes for March 06, 2022. Deb and Nyambura made edits and Cathy made a motion for approval and Zee seconded the motion. All board members approved the motion.



Deb – CJ has been contracting with Atlanta Jung Society for 2 years at an agreed rate for all duties at $20/hr. CJ was first recruited by Cathy when she was serving as President, to assist with Zoom IT. In 2021, CJ ’s duties expanded into Administrative Assistant, working to problem-solve with various board, committee and society members. At present our attendance numbers have grown and we have now begun to offer hybrid events. Cathy has continued to be CJ’s liaison with the board, a natural affiliation as part of her duties as Treasurer. However, the Treasury Committee has recently identified the need to review CJ’s contract agreement and is now proposing the following for approval Board approval:

  * That CJ’s official liaison as administrative assistant and IT consultant / contractor  now be with the entire Treasury Committee     who will report back to the board as is deemed necessary.

  * That CJ’s consulting rates be increased from $20 per hour to the following:

Administration – $24 hourly

Zoom IT – $28 hourly

Hybrid IT – $32 hourly


Deb commented that the treasury committee is in the process of finalizing a written agreement with CJ. CJ has created a listing of all of his duties and his equipment that he supplies for the virtual and hybrid meetings. (This 3 page list is on Google Docs for review. )

Deb made a motion that the board agreed to fees below, distinguishing Administrative and IT Duties:

1-General Administrative Duties – with board and committee members, as well as pre and post duties for events, and on- site setup and breakdown for hybrid events – $24 per hour 

2- Zoom –  $28 per hour (managing the Zoom only meetings)

3- Hybrid – $32 per hour (management of 2 rooms of participants and use of his own equipment)


Deb reiterated the motion that the board accept the Treasury Committee as CJ’s official liaison- both as administrative assistant and IT consultant / contractor.  The Treasury Committee will report back to the board as necessary for changes, periodic reviews of the contract, etc…


Deborah seconded the motion. All board members present approved the motion.


*Cathy suggested that we recognize CJ is working for other Jung societies now and we need to prepare schedules for upcoming programs ahead of time.



Cathy presented the expenses and income for the first hybrid meeting with Lisa Marchiano:


Expenses     $4,501.30


Total Income  $6,085.00


Net Income     $1,583.70


(Detailed financial report sent in separate email.)


Cathy then presented a Budget of Expenses For Programs: (July – December)


Total $10,980.00

(Detailed financial report sent in separate email.)


She then reviewed our Income statement for the first 5 months of the year (Jan – May):


Total Income $14,845

Total Expenses   $9,002

Net Income      $5,843


Investments – Roger reported on the drop in our NCGF investment account paralleling the general drop in the stock and bond markets. Through 5/31 our balance has declined $9,157.




When board and committee members are transporting speakers  to and from the airport it was decided to change from a $50 reimbursement allowance to $60 for a round trip. It was decided to revisit this if gas prices go over $5.

Cathy made the motion for the $50 gas allowance to increase to $60.  Deborah seconded the motion. All board members approved the motion.  


For speakers driving to present programs Cathy is to investigate a new mileage rate and present at a later board meeting.


It has been determined that the program committee will continue to set up hotels for speakers.

Meals for speakers will continue to be reimbursed with a received receipt from the speakers.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE  June – December 2022 Programs


June 11 – Matthew Stelzner – Zoom – Page Dickey introduce – No CEU’s

July 9 – Susan Schwartz – Zoom – Mitch Cohen introduce –


August 27 – Doug Tyler – Hybrid Meeting – Lecture Only

 introduction TBD – CEU’s

September 24 – John Gentile – Hybrid Meeting  – Lecture Only – No CEU’s

October 15  – Tom Cheetham – Zoom Meeting –  CEU’s

November 11th and  12th Joe Cambray – Hybrid Lecture and Workshop –  CEU’s

(Time Schedule for this workshop was determined by vote from the board and was decided by 6/3 vote for 9:30AM – 2PM. The board will take the speaker and his wife to lunch after the workshop. The restaurant is still to be determined.)

December 17 – Mark Winborn – Hybrid Meeting – Lecture only –  CEU’s


The 2023 lecture schedule – Tina Stromstead is the only scheduled participant for the month of March and will be a Zoom meeting. 



Deborah presented the question if we wanted to do most meetings hybrid unless the speaker requests a Zoom meeting? Deb added the idea of having a lighter hybrid schedule in summer months due to  volunteers and members traveling.

Deborah presented the question to the board if we wanted to agree to 4 lectures/workshops a year, dates determined by the Link’s availability.  Cathy suggested that we wait until we see how the shorter version workshop works out to make the decision about the length of the Sat Workshop format. Deborah suggested that we  consult the speakers regarding the ideal length of time for the material to be covered, and the amount of time needed for audience participation, etc.


Cathy suggested we also poll our member on timeline of workshops. Kristine suggested timeline be based on the material and the presenters’ needs, and to move forward as we go. Deb commented on importance of allowing time and format for creative material  with audience participation when the speaker is requesting. Deborah suggested let the decision be made by the speaker and how they want to present. She also felt Joe Cambray material deserved a whole day. She will ask when she sends out the contract about the form his workshop would take.

Deb suggested a study group or joint opportunity with other Jung societies be taken into consideration.  Deborah stated she is open to others exploring such possibilities,but the program committee cannot take on more work than they already have.



Deb noted that CJ is asking about archiving events that are now kept only for one month. Question posed by Deb –  should the original of each lecture continue to be archived on the website? This was affirmed by board consensus with the reminder that these archives are available to Board Members only.  Kristine brought up Atlanta Astrological Society on allowing members only into recordings and the space cost of storing lectures. There was a brief discussion about the possible sale of lecture videos. Cathy stated we need take in consideration that speakers who are usually speaking on other platforms giving the same lecture they present at our society may not want us to sell their lectures, and that we need specific approval of each speaker to sell the lecture. Deb recommended that CJ explore these topics with us in our next board meeting (particularly the issue of website storage space).


Peggy asked for comparison of previous 2022 figures for attendance.

Cathy reported:

   January – May lectures and workshop. Connie Zweig  143

   Jeffery Kiehl      80

   Mitch Cohen      62

   Sam Kimbell      84 

   Lisa Marchiano  95 (both lecture and workshop)




Kristine presented the “7 tips to recruit more volunteers to your nonprofit”. A copy was sent out to all board and committee members prior the board meeting. The overall idea was to help us have a conversation on how we could use more volunteers and the ways volunteers may help move us forward?

Suggestions offered began with offering flexible time lines for shorter commitments and clearly stated expectations needed from the volunteer. Need to specify details of skills needed and to match them with a volunteer profile. Offering support and training where needed as well as creating a strong commitment to the Jung Society mission.  


By using our tools on social media we could take our current volunteers and interview them on social media to talk about highlights of they’re experiences as volunteers and the mission that our society brings to the public.

Liam expressed interest in helping to present members and volunteers on our social media platform.

One of the tips reminded us to ask our friends and anyone that might be a possible recruit to join us in our mission.

Look for platforms that allow us to post our volunteer opportunities. Need to remember to describe volunteer positions by time commitment, skills required and include the impact and importance of the volunteer’s role in the Jung Society.


Zee has 2 potential volunteers, Page Dickey who will be introducing Michael Selzner for our June program and someone(“Surrender”)

may possibly help with name tags for in-person events. 


Kristine brought up the idea of using more volunteers to help the program committee by defining and documenting the specific duties of the program committee to see where possibly part time volunteers may be useful. 

Deb suggested we return to this idea in the future that all committees and individuals define the specific duties of their positions and identify the time routinely required to tend these duties. Deb mentioned that documenting time spent by volunteers is very important for grant purposes.


Other Volunteer Activities


Mitch Cohen  proposal to sell t-shirts for Jung Society. He is covering all costs involved in the design and production of the shirts and will handle the sales at in person events. Deb is to underline with Mitch the importance of keeping t-shirt sales separate from book sales for tax and other purposes, when she tells him of the board’s approval to move forward with his independent t-shirt production and sales. Mitch will  return a % of the profits made to the AJS as a donation.


Design suggestions were made:

   Use of the AJS Phoenix logo

   Use of the AJS Motto “Seeking A More Conscious Life (Together)”

   Possible use of Jung’s quote:  “The privilege of a lifetime is to 

     become who you really are”.


Liam asked about the possibility of expanding into online t-shirt sales in the future and offered to seek the assistance of a colleague if we are interested. Deb said she would mention this idea to Mitch for future consideration. 



Deb proposed the creation of a “Nomination Search Committee”  to begin identifying members who may be willing to serve on the slate of AJS officers for 2023. This “Search Committee” will be presented to the membership  for acceptance as the 2022 Nominating Committee at the September Business Meeting. One member from the previous nominating committee must return to serve. After some discussion, Cathy agreed to serve on this year’s committee, and to orient Kristine, who also agreed to serve on the committee.One additional nominating committee member is needed.   




August 14, 2022

Will be held at The Link from 2:00 to 5:00pm

Includes dinner following for everyone at a yet- to- be- determined location.


Proposed Agenda: Reports from all Committees, including

CJ and what is needed to prepare for the August 27 Doug Tyler Hybrid Lecture event. 



Meeting adjourned 4:24 PM