03/06/2022  TIME 1:10 PM – 4:16 PM



       Deb Herberger: President, Incoming Communications

         Nyambura Kihato: Vice President, Program Committee

Cathy Shepherd: Treasurer, Affiliate Com., Pres. Emeritus          Roger Rudow: Treasurer Committee

Peggy Sorrells: Incoming Communications and Library     Bruce Selvage: Affiliate Com., Writing and Editing Com.           Van Waddy: Writing and Editing Committee

          Deborah Huntley: Program Committee    

          Barbara (Zee) Gilman: Program Committee, Affiliate           

          Committee and Volunteers

          Bill Bridges: Website, Publicity, and Marketing, Books &                   Media    

         Liam Gowan: Publicity and Marketing 

          Kristine Rudow: Secretary; Volunteers

          Karen Hebert: CEU Coordinator

        CJ  Johnson: Consulting IT Administrator



(Absent Nyambura, Karen)  



The board members shared silence for the suffering and the struggles of the Ukrainian people. 



We need to work together to accomplish the upcoming April in-person event as well as planning for future upcoming hybrid events. Differentiating committee duties and inter-committee duties and clarifying our various roles could assist planning and implementation of future hybrid event via smoother inner-committee collaboration. (The speaker contact form Bill recently created is an example of this type of collaboration.)


Revision Of Proposed Agenda


The focus of today’s meeting will be on planning for March and April events, especially Lisa Marchiano’s weekend hybrid workshop in April.

Issues to cover include:  IT, website, ticketing, registration/ CEUs, as well as in-person onsite details.


Cathy will continue her formal Treasury report on the 2022 Budget in our next meeting. Today she will be participating in financial planning aspects of upcoming events as well as liaison with the Link and IT support.




Kristine reported on the minutes for January 30 2022; Deb and Kristine made edits. Deborah made a motion for approval and Peggy seconded the motion. All board members approved the motion.




Deborah will reach out to Mitch to set time to help Liam make the video for Instagram. CJ stated 44 people have already signed up for the March event. Deb will introduce Mitch and ask that a member of the Program Committee do the introduction for the upcoming event.

Deb will be checking on why only allowing 1 CEU when Deborah asked for two for the March event.





To help finalize the hours of the April 23 Saturday Workshop with Lisa Marchiano, a polling of the board via email was taken by Deb on Feb 20, 2022.

The choices to be voted upon were: 9:00 AM to 4:00PM, 9:30AM to 4:30 PM, 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

The results were: 7 votes for 9:30 – 4:30, and 5 votes for 10 – 5, with 1 abstention.

The Saturday hours of the workshop were set as: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and confirmed by the group in the planning discussion.



CJ reported that the ticket structure was emailed out to board members and they are in a draft version right now. CJ will send Bill “a current members only list” for a Constant Contact email “advance notice” to go out on Friday March 18 letting members know they can be the first to register when tickets go on sale Monday March 21.  The Event page on the website will show when registration will open for the April program.

Bill will schedule the regular Constant Contact email notice (that goes out to the entire mailing list) to go out at the end of Mitch Cohen’s lecture. That will also be when the Facebook and Meetup events go up.

The end date for ticket sales will be April 11th. If there are any seats available after the April 11th ticket sales will then become separate registrations for the lecture and the workshop that will be purchased online.  There will be no ticket sales at the in-person events.




“Only in-person board members” receiving CEU’s need to register with a Zoom ticket so that they are not counted in the thirty ticket limit for in-person events.


There will be an option for separate participation in the lecture and workshop and to receive two CEUs for the friday lecture and five for the Saturday workshop. A total of seven CEU’s are available for those who sign up and participate in the full weekend.

Van will hand out and collect the Evaluation forms for CEU participants to be scanned to Karen and Karen will email out certificates after the workshop.



It was suggested that Lisa’s promotional videos be shown at the March meeting. Deborah is to send contact info to Liam for both Mitch and Lisa to prepare videos and will send Mitch, Liam’s contact information as well. Deborah stated Lisa will be sent a link to the AJS April event to post on her own website and possibly on This Jungian Life podcast.

Deborah will introduce Lisa Friday evening at the in-person event.


IT – Reviewing January/February Events



Connie – 143 participants  32 CEU’s

Jeffery  –  80 participants 19 CEU’s



CJ suggested that a minimum of three participants be in a Zoom breakout room and that  future breakouts room participation should be “clearly advertised” to avoid the problems encountered during the January trial run. Lisa is planning to use breakout rooms Saturday afternoon both in person and Zoom participants. CJ is planning to have a meeting with Lisa to discuss hybrid aspects – the length time to be in breakout rooms and the amount of persons (three to four) to be in a room. Deborah will send information she has to CJ for Lisa’s description of the time needed for being in the breakout room.


CJ presented the logo with the adopted motto “Seeking A More Conscious Life “ to the board and committee members.  He will place it on the website when time allows.






CJ will come early (around 5:30 pm) with all the needed equipment for both Zoom and in-person participants on Friday April 22.  From his past church experiences, he has preplanned backups for any technical difficulty and for other problems that may occur due to limitations for his availability during the event. He has requested that we recognize that he has to prioritize where he is needed and will need assistance to deal with the more minor issues. Peggy will answer phones for any last minute calls regarding Zoom tickets and links. On Friday April 22nd  Zoom registration will close at 3 PM 


For the April program we need to add to the final reminder email if the in-person registration has been closed.


CJ suggested the confusion with the two-step registration procedure may need to be revisited after the April program due to last minute requests for link and/or video.  

On Friday April 22 Lisa will need to arrive at the Link by 6:30 PM for CJ to help her set up her presentation. For the Saturday workshop Lisa will need to arrive around 9 AM or before as per CJ’s request.


Bruce and Peggy will participate in the hybrid meeting via zoom and will text Cathy or Deb about any issues that may arise. Cathy or Nyambura will be prepared to deal with the in-person IT support issues that need to be addressed.


The in-person board members need to be aware of participants who need to use the elevator as well as the pathways to avoid accidents around the wiring in the main room


The parking around the Link – Cathy will find out more on the Saturday parking at the library.  There will be street parking near the far side of a house near the Link. We may want to consider Jay as a volunteer to help with parking.


CJ questioned if he should direct the timing around the schedule during Lisa’s presentation. Deborah will speak to Lisa as how she may want to address the timing.


For book sales CJ said there are 3 iPads that will be equipped with the Square app for Bill to use. Bill said he will have to separate Lisa’s books sales from AJS inventory. The terms of the sale of Lisa’s books still need to be determined. The Board agreed that asking for 10% of Lisa’s book profits for taxes was fair and Bill will finalize this arrangement with Lisa over the phone soon – in addition to the number of books she will bring for sale.


CJ will discuss with Lisa how her presentation screens will be advanced, but prefers to do this himself.  Lisa needs to bring her laptop regardless. 




1-Assisting CJ With Setup/Breakdown – Cathy

2-Bringing Sign – Cathy  

3-Generated Registration List for Check-in – CJ

4-CEU participant list  – CJ


Check- In Registration – Kristine and Roger (help with safety patrol, and where needed)

CEU Sign In – Van

Name Tags – (Cathy bringing Stick-On’s) – Available on Check-In table


Hospitality – Zee ( Nyambura assisting)  

Food to be placed outside near Book table  

Water, Coffee/Tea and Light snacks Fri. Night and Sat.

Cathy will bring Ice (Cathy and Zee to work out further details)


Book Sales – Bill (Deb Assisting): Book Signing?

  1- Small Book/Media Fire Sale (To be decided)

  2-Cathy will bring cash and work with Bill on Square)

  3-Get Details from Lisa on book sales, costs, she is bringing         books, and suggestions on dream books to sale)

  4-Have available Glossary Jungian Terms to sale


“Safety Patrol” – Need for Masks? (To be decided 2 wks before event)

         1-  Deb (CDC SIGN)

       2-Escort folks upstairs (some via elevator)  –  Deb & All  

          3- Assist seating – guiding folks around wires/cords – Deb & All

        4-Check availability of Masks, Hand Sanitizer, etc….

                    (Deb will Assist Jay)

            5-Overflow Parking Direction – Jay?


In person Microphone Passing; Fielding Zoom Audience Questions – Nyambura


 Supplies Needed for Saturday Workshop – Cathy

        (Extra paper and pens only)




Hotel still to be decided as Deborah investigates hotels.

Speaker will put all expenses on credit card and be reimbursed by one check at the end of the weekend.


Airport pick up and drop off (Roger and Kristine)

Friday dinner and to the Link      (Program Committee)

Back to hotel Friday night           (Program Committee or Roger) 

Saturday hotel to Link                  (Bill)

Saturday Lunch                             (Program Committee)

Saturday dinner to hotel       (Program Committee)


(Clean up by anyone available!)







May 14th Sam Kimbles Zoom Lecture – Working with the Unseen  that Exist in Plain Sight

June  18th   Doug Tyler In-Person  Topic – Shadow of Technology

July   16th Susan Schwartz    Zoom  – Topic The Absent Fathers Effect on the Daughter

August TBD

September 16th/17th Joe Cambray   In-Person   Topic –TBD Format TBD

October 8th    Hollis  TBD

November 12th   John Gentile In-Person  (need provide hotel)

December  3rd  Mark Winborn Topic – Engaging Creatively



* Need to poll the board after the April program on lecture vs  workshop format

*Program committee to consider reversing how they seek permission on speaker contracts  for the recording of lectures.





Time to be announced