Jung Society of Atlanta Board Meeting (online via Zoom)

 11/1/2020, 2:00-4:15 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Deb Herberger, Vice President

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Zee Gilman, Volunteer Chair

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails 

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Liam Gowan, Publicity

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary


Absent: Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality 


  • Cathy called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm. 
  • Nyambura asked if there were any changes to be made to the previous minutes from 9/20/2020. Cathy mentioned she made some changes and Nyambura acknowledged them. Van forwarded a motion to approve minutes of 9/20/20, Cathy seconded, all were in favor. Minutes for 9/20/20 were approved.
  • Cathy welcomed Liam Gowan, who will be the society’s publicity officer. Liam introduced himself to the board. Board members took turns to introduce themselves and speak on their roles; they welcomed him onboard.


Nonnie Cullipher Web Event 10/17/2020

  • Cathy reviewed Nonnie’s event. Board members agreed it was great; Deb said the recording was of good quality.
  • Cathy followed up on the business meeting on 10/17/2020; board members said it went well. Peggy wondered what happens on Zoom if somebody has an objection. Cathy said that she will talk to CJ to explore how to do that (e.g. raise your hand feature or speak up), then email the board with a response.


Membership and Website – Cathy

  • The board decided to keep membership dues as they are.
  • Should we continue to have 8 free programs and 4 paid programs? Cathy said the trend has been that members attend more free rather than paid events. Zee suggested we just mention some lectures are free, without specifying how many. Don suggested using a range for free lectures, like 6-8. Many people agreed with this approach.
  • Do we want to send out a postcard asking members to renew membership? Or should it all be online? It was decided that we should send out an email first to ask members to register, connect them to CJ if they have any technical questions, then mail a nice postcard later. Liam, Zee, and Cathy will work on putting a postcard together. They will put names of speakers and general topics without listing specific programs and dates, and send it out in the next month or so. Don will send out email reminders for membership renewals.
  • What about members who can’t go online? Don said our regular mailers serve this purpose and will capture members that we would miss if reminders were all online. Members can correct/edit their information on the mailer or online. For those who send mail ins, CJ can help upload their information on the website.
  • Don wondered how the crossover date on the new website will affect our membership. Also, how can members take advantage of the two free months on the website? These are questions for John. 

** Post non-meeting comment follows **: there is no way to do this with current website software.There will be a hard boundary at the end of year.

  • Is the ARAS membership good as a perk? Zee likes the idea. Deborah asked if membership information will be protected. San Francisco Jung Society has a relationship with ARAS; Cathy can find out how they do it. Don, Cathy, and Peggy have been members of ARAS and shared their experiences. Deb wondered whether we could offer ARAS membership for a year, then reassess. Bill asked whether members who are interested in ARAS can get an access code. Don asked can we get a link from ARAS for their membership? Cathy wondered whether CJ can figure out how to do these things on the website. Cathy will find out more from ARAS and John about how this can be done.
  • Peggy asked whether we could market to colleges and universities. Liam said he is willing to explore ways to spread publicity in new areas like these. It was mentioned that colleges and universities are not an ideal place for promoting meetings during Covid.
  • Bruce said he continues to promote our programs with images on instagram, Cathy suggested Liam could work with him on this.   


Deborah – Programs

  • Deborah confirmed Jeffrey Kiehl’s program in November. Pete will introduce him. CEUs have been approved.
  • Renee Lestrange presents on the archetype of the home on 12/5. CEUs have been approved. Deb will introduce her. Renee requested that we don’t record her lecture, or edit it so that her client information is protected. How to edit out information on Zoom? Perhaps CJ can help. Cathy said 15-20% of registrants watch the lecture as a recording. If we don’t record the lecture, our numbers and income could be low. Deborah will talk to Renee again and get back to the board. If we don’t record, we will have to inform members beforehand. 
  • Sonu Shamdasani is willing to do a January lecture on the Black Books, a great perk for 2021 membership. Bill can boost it on FB. Sonu is in London, 5 hours ahead, so CJ will have to coordinate the event with Sonu’s tech person. Sonu’s speaker fee is $1500. Deborah will try to negotiate a discount and ask whether he can advertise for us on his website. We can’t record it because he didn’t agree to it; he has copyrighted his material. Sonu uses Zoom Webinar (not Meeting, which is what we have). CJ needs to answer technical questions re: Zoom Webinar vs Meeting. The board voted to bring Sonu on for January 31st, Cathy will follow up with CJ.
  • Deborah gave an update on James Hollis and said he has committed to doing an event for us in November 2021.
  • Susan Olson is interested in talking this winter/next spring on how we are finding safety and being creative using online formats (free event for members). 
  • Kathleen Wiley is available March or April. She will talk about staying in the body in our online world. She wants to start at 7 pm rather than 7:30 pm. Deborah will follow up with her about this (event will be free for members).
  • Jutta will speak in June/July about animals in dreams and myths.
  • Jerry Wright will talk in the fall, September or October. He has a new book coming out. He’s requesting 4-6pm on a Saturday. Perhaps Sunday would work better? Cathy will ask whether he can do Sunday, which is probably better for attendance (event will be free for members).
  • Rebecca Armstrong talked with Cathy about her topics, including: The Illusion of Time and The Inner Quest: Deep Mythologies of Love and Why We Resist Them. The latter may be a great topic for Valentine’s Day (free event for members).
  • Jerry Ruhl might accept $400-600 – Deborah will put him on the schedule.
  • Lionel Corbett will talk on The God Image. Can he include something on dreams? Deborah will ask and follow up about his fee. Van will send Deborah his contact. 
  • Board members thanked Deborah for putting out great programs and speakers.


CEUs – Van

  • Van and Karen have been coordinating CEUs: $100 for LPCs, $50 for MFTs, $50 for SWs = $200 total cost. We get an average of 12 CEUs per meeting at the rate of $25. At best, we make $100 for CEUs. Board voted to keep CEUs at 25$.


Lloyd Nick

Lloyd Nick passed away, he was on our advisory board. Cathy sent a card to his wife. We’ll light a candle for him at our next event. Do we want to replace him on the advisory board? Deb suggested we indicate “In Memoriam” on the website for now. Don said he has problems editing the website. Bill offered to look at the website and try, but he needs admin privileges. Don sent him login information, Bill will try it out. John needs to change it so that Bill and Don can edit the website as needed. 


The next board meeting was not scheduled. The new president will work with Cathy to decide when our next meeting will be, and send out an email then. 


There being no other business, the board meeting ended at 4:15 pm.