Jung Society of Atlanta Board Meeting (online via Zoom)

 11/29/2020, 2:00-3:36 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Deb Herberger, Vice President

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary

Kristine Rudow, Incoming Secretary

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Zee Gilman, Volunteer Chair

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality


Absent: Liam Gowan, Publicity 

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails  


  • Cathy called the meeting to order at 2:08 pm. She introduced board members to our incoming secretary, Kristine Rudow. Board members introduced themselves, explained their roles, and welcomed Kristine on board. They offered their support to her as she starts her new role as secretary. Nyambura will hand over the society’s binder containing board minutes and business documents to Kristine. Board members thanked Nyambura for her service as secretary.
  • Nyambura acknowledged changes to the previous minutes from 11/1/2020 made by Cathy and Don and asked if there were any other changes. Board members said there were no other changes. Zee forwarded a motion to approve minutes of 11/1/20, Bill seconded, all were in favor. Minutes for 11/1/20 were approved. 
  • Cathy and Don went to the Wells Fargo bank and got our account changed to their names from Bill Marshall’s. They wanted to get a credit card but there are issues with liability. We may be able to get a Vanguard credit card. We have a debit card currently but no credit card. This item will be revisited later.


Postcard – Zee 

  • Deb shared an image of the new postcard to be mailed out to members. It lists upcoming programs and reminds members to renew their membership. Zee said the information on the postcard is intentionally limited, so people can visit our website to get more information, which will draw more traffic to our website. 
  • Zee will contact Don to find out how she can use the printer he has been using. She will also need access to the membership emails from Don. Cathy said getting this postcard mailed out soon is important for next year’s membership.
  • Board members said they liked the postcard and thanked Zee, Cathy, and Liam for their work on the postcard.


ARAS – Cathy

  • ARAS gave Cathy an access code to members who choose to take advantage of ARAS membership discount for $25 ($75 off membership). CJ will help by notifying members who are interested. 


Website – Bill

  • Bill said he is working his way around the website and is figuring things out. CJ helped with the CEUs for Renee’s event. Bill said he has never used Constant Contact (which has a list of emails) and felt CJ could probably help; however, CJ  would need the password from Don. Board members felt we should be able to access the mailing list so important work does not get stalled if Don is unavailable.
  • Bill said he was able to figure out Avada, a WordPress plugin, but said it is complicated and not user-friendly for non-coders. He added that Membership Works is OK to work with. 
  • Cathy will send Bill a list of upcoming events for 2021 so Bill can add them on the website and members can view and plan ahead. Bill offered to upload events on the website moving forward. Board members thanked him for this and for the ongoing work he has been doing on the website. 
  • Zee said it is important to have more than one person able to work on the website. Cathy, Zee, and Bill felt that CJ could help interested board members learn to use Membership Works. Bill could also help train interested board members to work on the website. 
  • Bill explained how board members can get free tickets and pay for CEUs on the website. Several board members said they tried it out and it went through OK. 


Programs – Cathy 

  • Renee Lestrange is confirmed for 12/5; Deb will introduce her. Cathy wondered whether we would like to have a “social hour” before the event for people to catch up online, like we did briefly before Jeffrey Kiehl’s event. CJ will continue to unmute at the end of the event for people to applaud.
  • Sonu Shamdasani will do his 1/31/2021 event for the discounted fee of $1200 that Deborah negotiated. The fee will be $25 for non members, $20 for members. All board members voted in favor of this fee. Cathy will find out whether Deborah could reach Hollis and ask him to introduce Shamdasani. If not, Bill suggested that John Beebe would be a good option. Other board members agreed, since he is well respected and is on our board. Cathy will talk to Deborah about this, and may ask Virginia to help contact Beebe. Cathy shared that Shamdasani will be doing a free event on 12/7 on the Jung platform for those who may be interested to see him there.
  • Bill would like a bio and description of the Shamdasani event so he can upload to the website and share on social media. Bill inquired about the specific title of the event. Cathy will check on the title and get back to Bill. Bill will also highlight that the event is on a Sunday, and that it will not be recorded at Shamdasani’s request.
  • Cathy gave an update on the lineup of programs so far, including titles for events by Susan Olson, Kathleen Wiley, and Jerry Ruhl for 2021. 
  • Now that we have online registration through the website, there is no need for members to be locked out from registering the night before an event. All board members voted in favor of leaving registration open until the program starts. CJ can help coordinate this and let members in. 



  • Cathy will find out whether we will offer CEUs for Rebecca Armstrong’s event. 
  • Bill explained how board members can purchase CEUs on the website.



  • Cathy said we received a $250 donation. After she sent a thank you note, the donor donated another $250.
  • Zee suggested the president write a personal note to donors. Cathy will send Deb a logo that Deb can use to send personalized thank you notes.


Next Year- Deb 

  • Deb and Cathy discussed Sonu’s event and how the communication technology will be handled.
  • Kristine requested having a recording of our meetings for the first few meetings as she gets used to writing minutes. Deb said she will make those available with CJ’s help. Nyambura, Cathy, Zee, Deb, and Peggy offered their help and support to Kristine as she gets used to her role as secretary. 
  • Deb talked about Jeffrey Kiehl coming to our retreat to talk about the mandala, our vision as a board. Deb said Deborah emailed to say she and Don Huntley  “would do their best to attend on 1/17/2021”, and everyone else on the board  (with the exception of Bruce) had responded affirmatively. Jeffrey will send material to Deb on the mandala which she will share with the board before the event. 
  • Deb read a passage that Van shared from one of Jung’s letters about holding the tension of the opposites. Deb reflected on how this message can inform our way forward as a board. She expressed her vision to have committees and board members collaborating on tasks and working together to ensure that the society’s business and activities continue to run smoothly even when key board members are unavailable. 
  • Deb said that since Jeffrey Kiehl offered to meet with the board for free, we could make a donation to an environmental cause on Jeffrey’s behalf. Deb made a motion to make a donation of $200 to Jeffrey Kiehl in lieu of a stipend for our board meeting on 1/17/21. Bill seconded. All were in favor. 
  • Do we want to invite Jeffrey Kiehl on our advisory board to replace Lloyd Nick? Zee forwarded the motion. Van seconded. All were in favor.
  • Deb will send us reflection questions after getting Jeffrey’s material for the retreat. She invited board members to email her their ideas about committees, chairs, and goals for the society moving forward. Cathy suggested setting aside about 15 minutes during our 1/17/21 meeting to discuss the Shamdasani event. 
  • Deb raised issues to consider about recording meetings, particularly our January retreat. She suggested that we don’t record the first section with Jeffrey Kiehl’s presentation in order to enable the secretary to fully engage as a participant, and to allow people to share openly. Many board members agreed with this.
  • Deb and Cathy explored ideas about how to include new items on the budget like Zoom and website expenses and noted that old items like food costs are no longer on the budget. Board discussed what happens post COVID-19. Should we do a mid-year budget to reflect changes as they occur? Bill asked about our venue post-COVID. Deb said if we return to in-person meetings, we need to explore a more cost-effective venue like The Link versus returning to the church. Bill said we should test the Internet at the Link at that time to ensure it will work well for our needs.
  • Board members expressed their appreciation for Cathy’s steady leadership through a turbulent year, where we got a lot done including launching a website, moving to online meetings, and managing to thrive through COVID. Mahshid expressed gratitude for Cathy’s hosting of board meetings at her home. 
  • Board members expressed their support for Deb, Nyambura, and Kristine as they prepare to take on their leadership roles on the board in 2021.
  • Deb texted and emailed Bruce about our meeting Jan 17; Cathy will call Liam to update him on today’s meeting.


The next board meeting is scheduled via Zoom for 1/17/2021 from 1-4 pm. Jeffrey Kiehl has been invited for the first 60-90 minutes to guide the board towards our 2021 vision. There will be a business meeting following to include specific goal setting and any “last minute” planning for the Jan 31st presentation. A date for the next Board Meeting for 2021 Budget Setting will also be determined.


There being no other business, the board meeting ended at 3:36 pm.