Jung Society of Atlanta Board Meeting 

Link Counseling Center: 348 Mt Vernon Hwy, Sandy Springs

 11/3/2019, 2:00-5:35 pm


Present: Cathy Shepherd, President

Peggy Sorrells, Library/Registration

Deb Herberger, Bookstore and Phone

Bruce Selvage, Membership

Van Waddy, CEU Coordinator

Aja Snyder, Marketing/Publicity 

Z Gilman, Board member, Volunteer Chair

Deborah Huntley, Chair of Programing Committee, Church Liaison, 

Don Huntley, Treasurer, A/V Coordinator, Website, Emails 

Nyambura Kihato, Secretary

Mahshid Irvani, Hospitality 


Absent: Jennifer Hayes, Vice President

Bill Bridges, Books and Media

Bob White, Bookstore


Board Meeting

  • Cathy lit a candle and called the meeting to order at 2:19 pm.
  • Cathy asked if there were any changes to the previous minutes from 7/21/19. Deborah presented some changes from the previous minutes, which were recorded accordingly by Nyambura. Board members said there were no other changes. Cathy made a motion to approve the minutes for 7/21/19, Z seconded. Minutes were approved by all board members with current changes.


Budget: Don 

  • Don presented the budget and noted that the November workshop has not been included yet, so there may be an increase in income by then.
  • Don said our workshop income is far short of what was projected, partly due to the May workshop on Toxic Masculinity and the Tarnas event, both of which lost money. Van said it was likely because there were no CEUs for the Tarnas event.
  • Don said he feels the extra cost of printing and mailing brochures to LPCs did not pay off financially. Cathy said it was unfair to judge that on only one workshop.
  • Don said we need to make more money. We have taken about $6,000 from Vanguard into our checking account this year. This is our worst year ever in terms of our deficit. Possible reasons: the expense of mailing postcards to LPCs ($2,500), the $1,000 donation to the Link, and the fact that Hollis is not coming this year.
  • Don will check if Elizabeth Nelson reimbursed us for her extra night hotel stay. Deborah said she believes the amount was reimbursed into our PayPal account.
  • We broke even with the Bedi event in September. 
  • JSA checking account balance is $1676.50. Don said he will need to move some money from Vanguard to our checking account. Vanguard holdings are $49,667.12, roughly split between stocks and bonds. 
  • Deborah made a motion to accept our budget, Van seconded, all members voted in favor.


Attendance: Don

  • Cathy felt that our location in Sandy Springs is a disadvantage on Friday nights because of traffic, which leads to low attendance.
  • Don said we need to make more money for workshops; if workshop attendance is less than 30 people, we lose money.
  • Bruce suggested we look at previous workshop topics from years past and see what brings more interest and people.


Programs: Deborah

2019 Programs:

  • Cathy will introduce Virginia Apperson, Z will introduce Tess in November. 
  • Tess will arrive at 2:45 pm on a Friday. Mahshid offered to pick her up and take her back to the airport Sunday morning. Deborah will send Mahshid an email/text with all the information. 
  • Cathy suggested we increase the size of our program committee and make efforts to provide more social media information to promote our programs and make them more accessible for people who are new to Jung. 
  • Deb moved a motion to expand the existing program committee to assist with programming, Van seconded, all were in favor.


2020 Programs:

  • Nyambura will introduce Kathleen Wiley on 1/25/2020, a Saturday night lecture. 
  • Kathleen has offered to do a small experiential group the following day, Sunday, from 9am – 1pm, titled “Connecting to our Body/Mind”, for 10-12 people on a first come first served basis at $100-120 each, totaling $1,200. We need to get people to pre-register and reserve spots. 
  • Bruce and Deb suggested that we use Kathleen’s experiential group as a CEU workshop because it would be great for therapists. However, Cathy mentioned some barriers, like inability to predict how many will actually attend, and renting an adequate room for the location. Cathy said that renting a large room at The Link might bring up the cost of this event. Cathy will find out the cost for renting the room.
  • Deborah will continue to discuss this event with Kathleen and find out how much space she needs; perhaps we can use our regular meeting room at The Link. 
  • Cathy suggested that Deborah announce Kathleen’s experiential group event in the November meeting and request that folks interested pay early to book their place. Deborah said we could send a special email for this.
  • February 15th meeting will be a performance from Out of Hand Theater, a show titled “Conceal and Carry” about gun violence and school shootings. Normal price is $1,000 but Deb negotiated for the “friend’s price” of $800+$350 (for Katie as presenter/facilitator) = $1,150. We may be able to get a donation to cover the price. Deborah felt we could just ask members to pay for the performance; Don suggested about $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Deborah will ask Katie to do the write-up so that it is appropriate/neutral and does not turn people off.
  • Catherine Meeks from the Center of Racial Healing proposes that we partner with Fanny Brewster, a Jungian Analyst, to come present a lecture/workshop for CEUs in September 2020.  She would be flown in from NY. Her honorarium would be $2500-3000, which is higher than we usually pay. The Center of Racial Healing would pay half. Deborah will try to talk her into doing it at a lower price. Don said our current venue accommodates 120 people, but we can go upstairs if we get more folks coming to this event.
  • Nyambura and Deb said it would be great to make this event happen because we would be highlighting topical content on racial justice, and a speaker of color in the Jung community.
  • All board members voted in favor of Kathleen’s event, the theater performance, and the Fanny Brewster lecture.



Website: Don

  • Don presented an update on possible website features and ideas.
  • Cathy said she looked at other Jung Society websites and website providers, and thanked Bill, Aja, Jenn and Bruce for their additional input on ideas for our website. She suggested that board members check out websites like the Washington and Oregon Jung Society websites. Bruce said he likes the various options available on these websites.
  • Don agreed and added that the Chicago, Seattle, and Houston Jung Society websites have great features for programs and audios. He said it would be nice to have membership portals on our website; it would be more automated and less work to follow up on people’s payments. The Oregon Jung Society has this function. Don said our audios from lectures would be a great source of income and it would be worthwhile to look into selling them, e.g. by partnering with the Washington Jung Society. Perhaps Van could do write-ups on our lectures to highlight their clinical/Jungian content. Cathy said we could also add our library as a resource. 
  • We would need to charge for live streaming lectures. Bruce said live streaming would be great, especially for people from out of town. Mahshid said we could suggest a donation for people to access the audios on the website. Don said Wix can do something similar in the form of a monthly subscription.
  • Don said Wix provides most of what we want; it would take up to 3 months to set it all up. Cathy asked what Don needs and whether he could use help from other board members. Could it be ready by February 1st? Don said this is possible; he could do a prototype while keeping our old website running. Nyambura said her husband does websites and could help look it over if needed.
  • Cathy called a vote to give Don the OK to use Wix as a platform to modernize our website. Z seconded, all members voted in favor.


Mailing/Printing Postcards: Don

  • Don said that at $2,500, it was too expensive to mail postcards, since LPCs did not show up. Mostly just members attended, only 3 non-members came. Don says the printing was not expensive but the mailing was, and this hurt us financially.
  • Don said he would do another postcard mailing with Hollis and Campbell events, and the theater production, by January 1st.


Publicity: Aja

  • Aja said posting on Instagram is a great idea and explained that if something is posted on Instagram, it will show on Facebook but not vice versa.


Books: Deb

  • Deb said that books continue to make money, especially from the Decatur Book Festival.
  • Deb said ordering books at least a month ahead of time is a good strategy to promote the upcoming speaker.
  • Deb said we could thin out the inventory, so we could get fewer books to display which may increase purchases.
  • Deb will be present at the book table in November but not in December. Z will ask Regina if she is able to help with books. 


Food: Mahshid

  • Cathy thanked Mahshid for the food table. Nyambura said she has received positive feedback from attendees about the food offered. 
  • Nyambura offered to do coffee when she is available, and Z will get a volunteer like Regina to help at other times.
  • Mahshid, Peggy, Deb, and Nyambura will not be at the December meeting. Cover will be needed.


Decatur Book Festival: Z

  • Z said the Decatur Book Festival was a great success and provided good exposure and visibility for the society. There was a lot of foot traffic and interest. She said it was a perfect location and they sold enough books to cover the cost of the booth.
  • Z said we should continue participating in the Decatur Book Festival; however, she requested participation from other board members so that the work of manning the tables for the two days can be spread out in shifts among more people. 


CEUs: Van

  • Van said Tarnas lecture was low on attendance because no CEUs were offered.


Membership: Bruce 

  • Bruce said we have only one new member, who won the membership from the Decatur Book Festival. People have not yet renewed their memberships.
  • Bruce needs a list of non-members and their emails; he suggested we create a form for this, and asked that we ensure emails are legible.
  • Cathy said our advisory board and Gene, The Link’s director, can attend our events for free. All the analysts, however, should pay for our events.
  • Our membership rates will not increase. Don said we should push membership so that folks who sign up now can get November and December free.
  • Don will use the member list to send invites to folks to sign up and renew their memberships.


Library/Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA): Peggy 

  • The small Red Book and a couple of other books are missing from the library. Peggy will try to track them and have them returned.
  • Peggy reported that the Inter-Regional website is not current; Peggy and Cathy suggested we do a write up on our website with information about Inter Regional.
  • Cathy and Peggy suggested we find ways to engage and involve our local analysts in our events and in providing information about the activities of the Inter-Regional Society.


 There being no other business, the board adjourned at 5:23 pm. The next meeting is the January retreat on 1/12/2020 from 1-6pm.